SQL DBA samples and examples

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What is a trigger ? what are the types of Triggers ?

Today, I want to discuss in detail what are Triggers ? what are the types of Triggers In which scenario we use the Triggers these are the things i want to discuss in detail with code snippets and with .Net how to work with these triggers ? .

How to Create a Rule in SQL - SERVER DATABASE ?

Today in this Article i want to tell you what is a Rule ? How and when it is applicable to your Sql-server Database ? What is the Syntax to Create Rule or Drop Rule? How to Bind the rule to a Column i will discuss here with Code Snippets ?

Database Console Commands for SQL-SERVER

what is DBCC for sql-server ? what are the important Statements or commands that exits in this DBCC ? First of all we will know what is DBCC and where it is Useful in Sql ? and one Important thing is How to reset your Auto Increment of a column Property with this. We will discuss here with Code Snippets

Creating FullText Index in SQL Server

In this article I'm trying to explain how to create FullText Index in SQL servers, using this we can able to search multiple matched text while searching data. We all are know that we can able to search single text using like keyword but we can't fetch multiple text search using like keyword for that we go to freetext search in SQL servers.

How to Display Date Names between Two Dates in SQL..?

How to Display Date Names between Two Dates in SQL..? In this artical i'm trying to explain display date names between two dates. Here i'm declaring two dates @startdate ,@enddate and then the values are @START_DATE = '2013-06-01',@END_DATE ='2013-06-29'. Now i want to display the names between startdate and enddate..

Get Info about table columns

The following snippet will help the developers to get the column info of a particular table or database. Often when we work with the database we may need to get the total number of columns in the table and also when we do sort of analysis on any table then we need to get the complete tables/coumns information of a schema.database. These queries will help to do so.

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