XML samples and examples

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How to create XML file using data from SQL Database

In this article, a very simple and basic XML file has been created taking data from table of a SQL database in C# code. After creating XML file it has been saved to local disk. Here I've used some built-in function such as WriteStartElement(), WriteElementString() to generate XML file.

How to parse RSS feeds in .NET

Are you looking for ways to parse an RSS feed using C# or VB.NET? See my the code samples here that provide and easy way to parse and iterate through items in the RSS file.

"how to use XML in asp.net"

In this we will see how we can read data from databasae using XmlDataReader and read and write XML files. We will also see how to xcreate the xml schema and vie wit.

Converting DataTable to XML using Memory Stream

In this article we are going to look at how to convert a DataTable into XML using Memory Stream. We are going to use the WriteXml method of DataSet reference class to convert datatable to XML. If the requirement is to access and store the data in memory instead of Hard Disk or a Network Connection then we go for Memory Stream.

Display XML Content in an HTML table

In this article, I will explain how to Display XML Content in an HTML table.It will demonstrate XML files, XML formatting and XML transformation. JavaScript used together with XML(AJAX). In the following example, we are going to parse an XML file ("test.xml"), and display the contents of each element as an HTML table row. Learn Display XML Content in an HTML table.

Working with XMLTextWriter and XMLTextReader

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is one of the most adopted and relative source to store the data and transport over the network because of its nature. Here I will be going over, how to write and Read XML source. There are numerous ways to work with XML like XML DOM, LINQ to XML and XML Stream approach.


In this article, I will explain XML to HTML transformation through XSLT. Stylsheet helps to convert xml to html view in the browser. The XML document can be serialized (output) by the processor in standard HTML view using XSLT.

How to parse Google XML sitemaps in .NET

Do you run a website and have a Google sitemap with it? Are you looking for C# or VB.NET code samples to load and parse Google sitemap files? Find some examples here.

How ASP can return XML

In this article, I will explain how ASP can return XML. XML can be generated on a server without any installed XML software. To generate an XML response from the server write the following code and save it as an ASP file on the web server. Note: the content type of the response must be set to "text/xml". Learn How ASP can return XML

XML schema checking readymade class.

You can check XML Schema of your xml file using bellow class, it is written in asp.net c#. XMLTextReader and XmlValidatingReader are used for schema checking. XML Schema means syntax or structure of your own created xml file. You only need to create the object of the class and pass xml and xsd file path.

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