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Multilayered Columns in Windows Applications.

I am very new to Windows Application I had given a task to create a Multi layered Column Grid . So how to achieve the task in windows application . I will discuss with Code Snippets and real time images.

How to export datagridview to excel format using c#

How to export datagridview to excel format using c#?In this article I'm going to explain how to convert datagridview to excel format using c#. This is a requirement often in many projects as users may want to save some data generated in applications for future reference.

Combobox Data Binding using Datasource

In this article, I will explain about how to bind combobox using list datasource. So that we can bind both display member and value member using a datasource and also fetch selected value of the data after selected index is changed.

Making Login form's corners as smooth curves for appearance

This is an article, Just shown how to make the corners of the login form as curvers to improve the apearance.Recently I had done some code to improve the appearance of the login screen for one of my windows application. After doing this a small bit of change it added a value to the whole application as it look good. Hope this may help the developers to add a value to their application too.

Show a Loading gif image till the process loads

In this article, I will explain how to show a loading gif image till a process loads in a desktop application . It will give AJAX like look to your windows application. Secondarily, This article also explains how to get real time stock quote in your desktop application from yahoo finance without making your application hang till it receives the response from the website.

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