VB.NET Syntax samples and examples

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Dynamically Adding Controls on a Form

This article explains how to add different controls dynamically on a form using VB.Net code. It takes an integer value as input for number of a particular control to be generated at runtime and makes the controls accordingly. It also explains how to properly align the controls vertically. Controls covered in this article are Label, Button, Checkbox and RadioButton.

Converting the Double number into words using VB.net

This code converts the Double number into words first it takes the integer value and converts it into words and then the decimal part and converts into words. this code includes arrays, structures and functions using VB code

VB.net 2010 - datagridview - usercontrol in datagridviewcolumn

Here I have given sample code for including usercontrols in datagridview. You have to create a datagridviewcolumn class for your user control. I use this code for receiving only numeric input in the datagridviewcolumn. You can get the "TBnumber" usercontrol class in my other thread. But you have to create another class with "Implements IDataGridViewEditingControl" and inherit the tbnumber.

Vb.net (2010) - Tabcontrol Header Color of the TaBPage

I created this utitlity to Change the selected Tabcontrol header to the tabpage's background color. Call this function in the tabcontrols drawitem event like this : eg: tabheader(sender,e,tabcontrol1). Learn Tabcontrol Header Color of the TaBPage in Vb.net 2010.

VB.net Numeric Textbox - User Control Properties to set input type Auto Case Converter

User-defined TextBox-Control-Changing its color when in focus/LostFocus - Enable either Only Numeric Input Or All Characters - Define the Decimal Length for numeric input - Convert Case Automatically as per the Property value. It is about VB.net Numeric Textbox - User Control Properties to set input type Auto Case Converter. Find code for VB.net Numeric Textbox - User Control Properties to set input type Auto Case Converter.

How to send emails to multiple users from a VB.NET application ?

Sending emails to multiple people, on click of a single button on a desktop application software can be quite handy in many situations. Here, I will discuss the steps to send email from a vb.net application form on click of a button named as Button1. One just needs to know the smtp port number and and the smtp client name of the email service that is to be used, and ofcourse the email address and password of the sender. In this article, I am using a gmail account to send emails.

Convert Money from Numbers to words including paise

The resource is about converting amount into words and taking care of rupees as well as paise. In some application when we work with Amount (Money) and have to generate slips, it demands printing the amount in words on the transaction slip. In this Article I am providing a VB.Net class which is having a method Num2WordConverter which will make this task very smooth. It takes a decimal number as argument and returns its corresponding string (i.e. number is words)

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