C# Syntax samples and examples

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Speech Translation in C#

Speech Translation is used for translate text to voice. Basically speech translation is used in profile registration as like confirmation number / Enter Above Shown number, you can see beside of that speaker icon.....that nothing but a speech translation..

How to use transaction concept in c#

In this article am going to explain what is transaction and how to implement it with an example of banking transaction concept. In this example I used windows application with access database for storing bank account numbers and balance in that accounts.

How to use static keyword in C# with examples

In this article, I am going to explain the static keyword concept with examples. It covers static variable, static method, static constructor and static class. I have explained how to access static variables and static methods with in a static class.

How to create Excel spreadsheet on the fly using C#?

In this code snippet, we will see how we can create Microsoft Excel spreadsheet / worksheet using C#. In this code we will generate the sheet on the fly. There are lot of freeware/opensources available to do this work but in our code snippet we will use spire.xls

Test Driven Development- practicising with The word wrap Kata

In these days Test driven development is growing and TDD Katas is a best way to learn this approach. In this code-snippet, we will see a famous kata called word wrap kata. Firstly, we will check the problem Secondly, we will divide the problem in step(s) Finally, we will write code

Get DriveInfo in C#.NET

If we need to install any software (for example : visual studio 2010) requirement for the installation is 20gb space is required for the installation in C:\ Drive. we can check the available space in Drive's like C:/ D:/ ..E:/...

Create Excel sheet in C#.net using interop service

Here I am going to explain how to create excel sheet dynamically in c#.net using .net's interop service. Sometimes we need to create excel sheet from provided database's data and we need to save that excel file into a drive. With this interop service we can access each and every functions of Microsoft Excel.

Delegates and usage of Delegates

In this artical i'm trying to explain about What is delegates ? usage of delegates ? types of delegates and examples of types of delegates.? 2 types of delegates are available uni cost delegates and multi cost delegates. Here we discuss about uni cost and multi cost delegates with examples.

MultiLevel Inheritance in C#

Inheritance Used in C# for inherit methods and variable of base class. Multilevel Inheritance in C# allow us to use base class functions in various classes that inherits from base class. Today we will write code that describe you working of MultiLevel Inheritance in C#

How to merge images in one image

This code is help you to merge images into one image means combination of images but one this we have to remind that in images folder we have to remove Thumbs.db because if Thumbs.db is exist then this code will throw exception so we have to remove Thumbs.db.

Dynamic Polymorphism Example in C#

Polymorphism are of two types 1. Static or Compile Time polymorphism 2. Dynamic or Run Time polymorphism Run time Polymorphism also known as method overriding. In this type the call to a function is decided at the runtime.

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