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How to save & Retrive Images using linq to sql

In this article i will try to explain you that how to save image in database and then how to retrieve it using linq query.In this method we save image in A folder and image name in database also.You can also bind this image in gridview.

Download images from a URL using C#

Many times you may wanted to share an image from an external website, but found it hard to download it first to your local computer and then upload to your blog or website? This C# code sample shows how to programmatically download an image from a website and save to your website on your web server.

Add watermark to images in

Want to create an application/website where you users can add watermarks to their images? I have here demonstrated an Asp.Net code snippet for adding watermark to images.

Find file extension from System.Drawing.Image object

You may have worked with System.Drawing.Image object to edit or save images. This C# sample code shows how to find the image extension from the System.Drawing.Image object so that you can save it with correct file extension.

Image Handling

This article describes about the storing photos into a database and retrive the stored photos from a database.

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