Winforms Controls samples and examples

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Programatically create multiple textboxes in windows application

In this code snippet we will see how to create TextBox Windwos controls dynamically. In code-snippet, we will see that how you can create multiple textboxes programatically in single event of Windows Forms Application. It is very simple to do this task. You just have to create simple form and set your form size and define the number of buttons that you want to add in form and click on button, textboxes will be automatically added to different positions.

How to work with CefSharp.dll

In this Article i want to present a Dynamic Link Library (.dll ) Named called Cefsharp. How it will be useful and where it is Used. I will explain with real time scenario with snippet of Code Lines. Cefsharp is the dll which is used to embed Html in Windows Application.

How and when to use WebBrowser control in Windows Forms

Today i want to discuss an article about a Control called Webbrowser when this Webbrowser Control is added into Windows forms which scenario it will be Useful. I will write a Detailed description here with Code Snippets.

How to create zip file in C#.NET with secured password?

In this article I have explained about how to create Zip file in the .NET. For example we can create zip files in using winrar software instead of that how we can create zip file using C#.NET code. This article is help you to know create zip file operation. Find how to create zip file in C#.NET with secured password?

How to Load all the crystal report parameter in comboBox using c#

In this article I'm going to how to Load all the crystal report parameter in comboBox using c#? Just drag and drop one button and comboBox from tool box. Within Button click event create object for OpenFileDialog and then show file selection Dialog. After select the crystal report file just load the list of parameter names in comboBox control. comboBox Text field value is Parameter name and then value field is Data type. After select the parameter from comboBox you need to give input to these parameter.

How to show images from folder into Picture box?

In this article I am going to explain about how to show all images from a specified folder with previous and next button in windows application. Here I have stored lots of pictures in the folder user view all images in the picture box.

Formatting in Richtextbox

In this article, I will explain how to do basic format in richtextbox control of the windows application. The basic formats like Bold, italic, Underline, Strikeout are explained in this article and also explained setting shortcutkey for richtextbox.

How to load dataset tables in treenode?

If user wants to create treenode which has different tables alongwith treenode column names and its datatype then this code will be used. You can also add gridview control in your form and add datatable as its datasource to get all the data under a particular column.

How to create custom control in .NET windows application?

In this article I have explained about how to create custom controls in .Net application. For example I need custom defined text box in my windows application, i.e. text box have properties of allow alpha character only or allow numeric character only etc. In this situation we can create custom controls and implement in our .Net windows application project. Find how to create custom control in .NET windows application?

How to send email automatically using windows application?

In this article i have explained about how to send email automatically using windows application and windows scheduler. The Windows scheduler automatically executes your .exe file and sends mail to customer without any manual operation. Once we mention day & time then automatically email send every mention time until you stop that scheduler operation.

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