Visual Studio samples and examples

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DOS like printing in c# .net on dotmatrix printers

Dos like printing in c# .net on dotmatrix printers. Some time we have requirements for printing invoices . In such cases it is not good to use reports(eg. crystal reports) as bills .So the following is a method for dos like printing in

How to change the width of crystal report design

How to change the width of crystal report design? In this article I'm going to explain how to change the crystal report design width. Here i have explained step by step process to change the width.

How to get the Filtered data from the DevExpress Datagrid ?

Here I would like to share with you a code snippet to get only the filtered data from the DevExpress Datagrid. We know that there is an option in GridControl to set the AutoFilterRow as True so that we can filter out the contents easily. But when we are exporting the data, the whole contents will be exported, not just the filtered content. To avoid this, write the following code.

How to show the progress in DevExpress Progress bar ?

In this, I will show you how to show the progress in a DevExpress Progress bar. I am having a DevExpress RibbonForm. In the status bar of it, I have placed a progress bar (BarEditItemProgressBar).We could use this progress bar while reading data from database or so. The following code may be used for showing the progress. Because in DevExpress, there is no property like increment as in normal Progress Bar.

Visual Studio 2010 New IDE Features

Visual Studio 2010 New IDE Features - It explains about the Visual Studio 2010 IDE New Features 1. Multi-targeting Support in Visual Studio 2010 2. Visual Studio 2010 Code Intellisense Improvements 3. Multiple Monitor Support 4. Searching and Navigating Code in Visual Studio 2010 5. Box Selection and Multi-line Editing Support with Visual Studio 2010. 6. Debugging Tips/Tricks with Visual Studio 2010 7.Search and Navigation Tips with Visual Studio 2010

What is Code Contracts?

In Visual studio 2010, .net 4.0 a new feature called Code Contract is introduced. This helps developers reduce their bugs in coding by either avoid writing buggy code or find that code as soon as possible. This is a separate tool that we need to install into Visual studio 2010. After installation all the class library projects will have a extra pane called Code Contracts in their properties window.

J# in c#

In this article, I will explain the usage of ZIP functionality in J# from C# code. The code in this application has been designed to reuse in a copy paste fashion and not as a library.

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