Email samples and examples

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SilverPop Integration

SilverPop is a third party emailing tool which is not only provide the facility to prepare the email templates which needs to be used in sending an email as well as it provides the support for campaign management through various things.

Send Multiple Email in

In this articles i'm going to show you how to send multiple emails in by using c# coding. Email address should be separated by using comma's to achieve for sending multiple email in In this article i'm going to show you how to achieve this.

How to send confirmation after registration using Asp.Net and C#

In order to validate the email address of the user provided during registration time, a confirmation email with activation link is sent to the email address and when user clicks the activation link, his email address is verified and his account gets activated.

How to send Email using

In this Article I'm going to explain how to send email from Herewith i given one example with step by step explanations.

How to show unread mail from gmail using

In this article I'm going to explain how to show unread gmail in First you need open Visual studio 2005 and create a new web application by going to file > new Web site and then just to drag and drop two tex tbox and one button control your web page.

Create own application to send mail

Please find here how to send a mail from our own application. very simple 3 steps. 1.MailMessage, 2.NetworkCredential, 3.SmtpClient. Here I will explain how to send a mail from our own application. very simple 3 steps. 1.MailMessage, 2.NetworkCredential, 3.SmtpClient. Learn how to create code for own application to send mail.

Retrive your Emails using PHP

Sending email is very simple in PHP using mail() function. what about receiving it? Retrive your Emails using PHP and IMAP. IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a method of accessing electronic mail that are kept on a mail server.

Send email using ms-outlook

This code shows how to send email using MS-Outlook.You need to add reference of Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Object Library in your project .i.e. Interop.Microsoft.Office.Core.dll, Interop.Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll and Interop.Outlook.dll should be included in the bin directory.The dll's are present in the attachment. Also MS-Outlook 2003 or higher version should be installed on the pc where the code executes.

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