Reflection samples and examples

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C# Code - To invoke a private method

This C# .net Code snippet is all about invoking a private method.We are going to achieve this by task using Reflection. By breaking the rules OOPS.Here is the simple example done .net Console Application.

Difference between dynamic, object and var keyword.

Here we are going to see the Difference between dynamic, object and var keyword. Below is the code snippet for using dynamic, object and var keywords in dot net framework in c#. dynamic keyword is a new feature in c# 4.0. we are going to see the significance of the following keywords in C# and the differences in their behavior compared to other keywords.

How To Invoke Method Using Reflection

May 02,2010 This Resource is About Reflection,In this Resource We have given a brief Explaination How To Invoke the Main Method of another Assembly .


The code snippet explains how to use the concept of REFLECTION

Custom Attributes and Reflection in C#

This article covers an overview of Custom Attributes and Reflections. I have also added few samples to illustrate creating custom attribute, And with reflection how to explore them. Using reflection to invoke a method from an assembly.

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