Date & Time samples and examples

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Validation for Date of birth

I found that many applications use Textboxes to get Date Of Birth instead of Calendar. This resource explains you as how to validate the date of birth if the user enters the date of birth in TextBox instead of calendar.

Convert dd/mm/yyyy to DateTime format

This resource explains as how to convert the dd/mm/yyyy dates to DateTime format. Many would have experienced the "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" error. This is to overcome this error.

How to deal arabic datetime formats problem ?

in this article , I will explain a better way to handle arabic datetime issues and any other datetime issues using datetime ticks ,this way is so simple and reduce complications and conflicts in code

Get Day Name

Get the day name from sql query,day name like sunday,monday,tuesday....etc

Date Time Windows Form User Control

User Control to display the current date & time on Windows form. Delagates, Timer and Evnets are used to display the current date and time.

Get financial year

get the financial year from current date, financial year is used in various official reports.

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