Network samples and examples

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Sending SMS through using C#

There are some Developers asking in Forum discussions how to send a Short Message service (i.e. SMS) in There are certain ways to send an SMS what are the ways to Send an SMS. I will illustrate here with detailed description and i will write Code snippets for url (i.e. HTTP) model of sending SMS.

Download a file for a given URL Using WebClient class in c#

Today i want to discuss an article how to Download a file with a given Uniform Resource Locator (URL) In which scenario it will be useful and how to use this Method. How to check Network Connection available through Coding ? I will discuss in detail in this Article with Code snippets.

Get MAC address of your system

This sample code shows how to retrieve the MAC address of your computer using C#. Can convert this code to VB.NET easily. Code for Get MAC address of your system.

Manipulate remote machine control events

In this article I will explain, how in a Peer to Peer Windows application, one can change or access remote machine control events, such as radio button or combobox, from current user machine. I have discussed a basic example here.

Get Local PC IP

This code is use to get the local pc ip address. you can use this in window/web application too.

Building a Simple File download server using C#

This article explains about Building a Simple File download server using C# and simple FileServer class which acts as a file download server for clients. A parallel Client class is also presented which asks for the file download at a specified location.

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