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How to setup AWS CLI on Microsoft Windows?

What is the AWS CLI The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is for dealing with your AWS administrations from a terminal meeting on your own customer, permitting you to control and arrange numerous AWS administrations and actualize a degree of robotization. If you've been utilizing AWS for quite a while and feel good clicking your way through all the administrations, you may have seen that there's something else entirely to AWS than the default eye-getting program comfort. Utilizing the AWS CLI can assist

Targeting application to Windows 8 and more

Recently I'm faced one big problem while display my system OS information, while execute command in command prompt it returns different windows version at the same time when I do some code logic using C# it give different Windows version, After seen the result I shocked and try to find the solution how it's possible why it's showing like this. In this article I'm going to explain how to targeting application to specific windows.

Working with Hub Section in Windows Store Apps

In this article you will learn to build Windows Store Apps by utilizing Hub and HubSections. This article also covers an insight into the use of many controls including the Hub, Image, TextBlock, and ListView. It talks about using Page Resources, Static Resources, Data Templates and Item Templates in Windows Store Apps. The article walks you through the complete implementation of the code in a step by step manner.

Student get FREE Windows 8 App Store account

There are many student who want to develop Windows 8 App while they study. To publish your Windows 8 App to store you need a Windows Store account. Student will get a free Windows Store account through DreamSpark student account

How to get back Deleted Files..?

In this artical i'm trying to explain how to get back deleted files in Recycle bin. Actually if we delete any file that file to be stored in Recycle bin. If the file is remove from Recycle bin then we are unable to fetch using existing controls. Here, i'm explain how to get back deleted files using third party dll's.

How to Install Proteus on windows 7

Are you looking for installation of Proteus on windows 7? If yes then read this articles for full Information, In this article I will tell to you how to Install Proteus on Windows 7 with successive steps. Kindly read details.

Installing Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7

In this article I am going to share my experience in installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7. There are a series of steps we need to follow in order to install Visual Studio. I have also mentioned the softwares which we need to install before installing Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7.

Shut Down Windows Automatically

Are you a Programmer, of course. I know and all you work Late Night. Lets know how to make our Computer to tell us that, Its time to Sleep. Today I am here to Tell you that How to Shut Down Windows automatically and go to Sleep using Task Scheduler in Windows 8.

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