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Google news API using ASP.NET C#

Google provides huge range of API for searching,maps,news and much more.. This article is related to Google news API , Just enter keyword for news and you will get results for keyword. I have used Ajax post method for Google news API.

How to Create Google AdSense Account using Blogger for free...?

In this article I'm trying to explain how to create our own Google AdSense account without having own Website. We all are facing some issues while creating our own AdSense account, I'm one of the person to face this. Actually while create Google AdSense account it's asking own website, we all are know if we create own account then we must pay some amount based upon plans. But in this article I'm explaining how to create AdSense account without a personal website. Follow below simple steps to create an accou

Google Maps vs Bing Maps

Maps are very important part of our day to day life. And after Google and Bing our lives have become very easier to Roam around to many places. For every application which needs usage of Maps we should know the Pros and Cons of the Tool. So here is the difference, Comparison and Help links and material to let you choose which map tool you should go for.

DropDown menus for blogger:

We all are facing some issue while creating blog. In that one of the issue my self also face while creating my blog that is menus for blogger. In this article i'm trying to explain how to give dropdown menus with horizontal direction.

How to Open a RadWindow

In this article we will work see a demo of opening a RadWindow. We will open the window with the help of the javascript. We will also see how can we send a parameter to the popup window and use it in the window.

Integrating google analytics with your web application

Google analytics is one of the best APIs of google in recent days. Google analytics gives the analytical reports related to page visit which is very much important for the site owner. This article explains how to incorporate this API with your application.

How to Integrate Internet Download Manager?

As you know the most of user who are using internet they face different problems .Some face their browsing are very slow and some face other major issue. When we watch a video on any browser and want to download but the major issue comes that how can we download the this article I will tell you how can you install or display download option in Different browser.

How To use RadEditor and how to Suppress the built in message of maxlength validation.

In this article i am going to explain RadEditor control. Which is a third party control known as Telerik controls. It has a inbuilt functionality of checking the maxlength and firing validation message if it voilates.We will also see how we can suppress that message using client side or server side validation. Find how to use RadEditor and how to Suppress the built in message of maxlength validation.

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