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Are you preparing for any job interviews? Read the practical experience of other people on various levels of job interviews including HR interviews, technical interviews and so on. Read how other performed in the interviews and also read some interview tips that would help you confidently attend any interview.

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Widely asked in interviews: Delegate, Linq, Lambda Expn Create Extension Method & Expression Tree

In technical interviews most of the times, TRICKY questions are fired on topics; Delegate, Anonymous Method, Anonymous Type, LINQ, Extension Method, Lambda Exp, Expression Tree..... Though most of us know these concepts but get messed-up and unable to explain in interviews as required..... This article covers these topics with Code-Snippets that others can refer to understand the topics.

.NET Interview Questions for 3 years of experience people?

In this article I'm trying to give you .NET Interview questions for 3 years of experience people. Up to now I attend no.of companies I got a job in 3 companies but due to package issues I rejected those. But in all places I learn at least 2 to 3 new points.

Interview for 5 + years of Experience in .Net

Today I want to present the Interview Questions that are asked in a CMM - Level -3 organisation in Hyderabad. I want to give detailed description with each and every question with an example , which the Interview was recently held in the CMM -LEVEL -3 COMPANY.

Facing Technical Interview

In this article, I am going to explain how to face the technical interview and I am going to explain the tips to get select the interview. Some times, we will not select in interviews, even you have very good knowledge. So in this article, I am going to explain some tips for that.

JQuery Interview Question

Are you preparing a Jquery interview? I have given some frequently asked JQuery Interview Questions and answers, which will surely help you to crack your interview

SQL Queries in different approaches

Whenever I attend Interviews the interviewer asking me few sql queries without using "this" particular function, first we should understand what is his/her expectation? For each query we can give different ways to get the result. In this article I'm going to explain how to write queries in different, different approaches.

ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers - I

In this article I will take you to vital ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers, it will help you to brush-up your ASP.NET MVC concept just before going to an Interview, so lets check with it

SQL Server Interview Questions

This article describes the fundamental interview questions asked when you go in an for a SQL SERVER interview.This article will be equally useful for freshers as well as experienced professional.This is only the First phase of questions.

SQL Server interview questions-Part 2

This article is my second phase for the Sql Interview Questions. It describes the fundamental SQL server concepts that is very commonly asked in the interviews.This article will be equally useful for freshers as well as experienced professional.

3-6 years of Interview Questions

In recent days i am going for Interviews. These are the Questions that are asked for 3-6 years of .Net Experience in one company . I want to Present those interview questions with Answers. Please go through with it . Review the answers once through search Engines.

MVC Interview Questions in Infosys and TCS

Below are the list of technical questions of MVC which are been asked in Infosys and TCS companies and these questions are useful for any interviews, these will cover almost all the MVC questions. All the best.

NIIT Technologies

I did face to face interview at NIIT Tech. As told there are 4 round. But i faced only 3 round of interview process after that not selected. Here i have share my 3 round of interview 1.Analytical Reasoning based on figures. 2.DotNet technical Question paper 3.Technical interview

Interview question For L&T Infotech

Recently attended one telephonic interview for technical round in L&T. The job profile was that for SSRS developer with Sql server and ASP.Net knowledge as well.But the interview was all about OOPs concept. The interviewer even didn't asked me anything about project experience.Here are the questions and elaborate explaination of the answers.

Technical Interview Round in Deloitte

Deloitte has total 5 rounds of interview in Selection process.First 2 technical interviews,1 English Vocabulary round and then two HR rounds. In the first round, the interviewer was noting down notes from my answers and was asking me to write the queries or codes as per my answers.

Technical interview question in Igate

Recently attended a technical interview for 4-6 years experienced persons for ASP.Net profile in IGate. I am listing down only the theoretical questions but there were other questions based on my project experience.

Technical interview in Accenture

HI.. pleasure to share the interview experience and technical question with accenture.. Really time was so hardly to cross out for result.. 1. Technical Round 2. Technical Round 3. HR Round only three rounds.. its might be useful for some of the people,who will attend interview with Accenture future.

Dot net interview question and answers

Here i would like to share my interview experience which i had with the company Impelsys at banglore.They called for 3+ years experienced, and most of the questions were on oops concepts. In this article i posted questions asked by them and my answers for it.

.net interview questions for 3+ years experience

hi i attended few interviews on Microsoft Technologies like,, and sql server. I would like to share all at one place. The questions which i faced, asked by different organizations for 3+ years experience on .net.

Accenture .net interview questions

Hi this is sridhar. I have attended recently an interview in Accenture, the position was for WCF(primary skill). I would like to share my experience which may be use full for those who attend interviews.

Technical Interview Questions IN SSRS

I recently attended interview for a small Start-up company.The position was for Senior Data Analyst And BI Developer Role.Below are the Technical questions for SSRS.I will be adding for articles related to SSIS Ans SQL Server

My Interview experience with Tabia Technologies.

During my 10+ years of experience in IT field(5 years in .Net), I was worked as Software engineer. Before my current job, I was working as SAP Technical Consultant at Nortech Infonet Privat Ltd,Kochi, and Got a call from KINFRA IT Park.

Tricky SQL Server Interview Question and answers

Are you preparing for a SQL server interview? want some tricky questions and answers that will give you break through? Here I have some bunch of question and answers to get you through interview

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