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Looking for some technical tips to make better use of your computer, accessories and your Windows? Find some cool tips on various technologies and devices.

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Slicer in MS Excel 2010

Slicer are visual controls that allow you to quickly and easily filter your data in an interactive way. Slicer lets you to slice your data by showing only the element stored in the tables. We can see the real usage of slicers in the Pivot table.

Difference Between Proxy And Vpn 2021

Sometimes you'll see settings for a VPN or proxy on your device. What are these mysterious networking terms – and why do they matter? Read the Article to know more about the difference between Proxy And Vpn

Ways to optimize your work for a digital world

Nowadays companies need to adapt to the digital world to be able to survive. The digital era is far from over and although it may seem frightening to some, digital solutions can be a big relief in a company. So, read along and get some inspiration on how to optimize your work through digital solutions.

How to Secure a Website in 6 Easy Steps in 2021

If you are also searching for some productive tips to secure your site in 2021, we have done the research for you. In this article, we will have a look at the top six easy steps to secure your website.

Best WordPress Analytics Plugin for WordPress

best Wordpress analytics plugins which you can get for your website. You can get all these things done by Wordpress development which would work both in the backend as well as in front desk in order to keep your website working and they make sure that your website is working properly.

YouTube SEO Tips to Boost Your Video Performance

YouTube is now the second most popular search engine in the world. Find out how you can improve your YouTube organic search visibility and get more views on your videos with these actionable YouTube SEO tips.

Major Reasons Why Developers are Shifting from Angular to React

React and Angular are both open-source front-end framework and library. Angular is one of the widely used programming languages to built best web applications. Angular is supported by Google and helps the developers in solving issues of single-page applications.

Is Your Business Ready For Mobile Device Users?

Are you among those who do not see mobile apps as a significant opportunity to break from the clutter? If so, you are missing the most prominent chance to reach your target audience and increase revenue.

Easy options of fixing "File xxxx.PST could not be accessed" error of Outlook

Outlook CRC errors of the PST file are usually reported when PST file is infected with the virus, blocked with firewall or anti-virus settings or exceeded 2 GB storage limit. You can use various options to fix Outlook CRC errors such as disabling Windows Firewall and Antivirus settings of your computer, scanning the infected PST file with scanpst tool and others. If inbuilt options fail to fix corruption issue, you should use professional Outlook PST repair software to repair corrupt PST file.

Javascript Spread operator

In this article i will demo the below uses of spread Operator in javascript 1.Merging Arrays 2. Copying Arrays 3.Passing Arrays as comma arguments. Traditionally we are using old ways like concat for merging, slice for copying and apply for passing array as arguments.

Microsoft Word all shortcut keys

This article gives you a detailed list of shortcut keys for microsoft Word , these shortcut keys will enhance your typing speed and makes your work more easier, This article also contains mouse shortcuts , it will be very useful to create a professional document.

Microsoft Excel all shortcut keys

This article contains all the shortcut keys which are often used in microsoft Exel sheets , it contains more than fifty shortcut keys for microsoft exel , it will be very use full for commerce students and auditors and used to create invoices and mark list and also employee data bases

A Sneak Peek At Latest WordPress Updates

If you want to run a WordPress website successfully, then it is imperative to keep yourself up-to-date about the latest upgrades and releases that are expected to hit the WordPress community soon. Doing so, will help you overcome security threats and help boost your site's performance introducing several new features.

How to tackle Word corruption using manual options?

MS Word saves text and other user information in doc or docx file format. Word documents get damaged due to certain reasons such as virus infection, unexpected system shutdown and several other reasons. You can recover inaccessible Word files using Auto Recover and Auto Backup features of MS Word 2010. However, if you’re unable to recover text or other information of Word document manually, then choose a professional Word recovery tool.

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