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Articles MVC for Beginners guide

In this article I'm going to explain what is MVC? Already Webforms fulfill my requirement why we go for MVC? What are all the disadvantages of using Web Application and what are all the advantages of using MVC. What type of Architecture we followed in MVC Patterns etc.

ASP.NET 4 Unleashed

Microsoft’s new ASP.NET 4 is a latest Book which provides all facets of ASP.NET development. Microsoft's new ASP.NET 4 Unleashed book from Stephen Walther, Kevin Hoffman, Nate Dudek

C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines

.NET Coding Guidelines is a 100+ page ebook (PDF) on naming conventions, best coding practices and patterns written by the industry expert Steven Sartain and delivered to you for Free by SubMain.

Microsoft Dexterity 10.0

The microsoft dexterity documents are available in the Microsoft download center. Where the downloads available for dexterity programming.

List of freely available programming books

I am trying to amass a list of programming books that are freely available on the Internet. The books can be about a particular programming language or about computers in general. Which are some freely available programming books on the Internet.

Review on ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies

This Article is all about Review on the book ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies.Recently i came across this book. Really a excellent book for beginners and also for Advanced user. More over this is from Wiley Publications

Head First Design Patterns

If you want to explore design pattern I would recommend this book. Actually the examples are given in Java language but if you know C# it doesn't matter. The book is designed in such a way that you will never get bored with the explanation so I bet you cannot stop reading once you start it. And there is no boring theory at all.

Professional C# Design Pattern Applied

This book is aimed at any experienced developers who are moving into C#, and are considering using design patterns in their applications. Any developer who dont have an idea in design pattern this book can be nice start for them.This will cover different scenarios with and without applying design patterns so reader can find the real difference of applying patterns in their C# applications.

Programming WCF Services

Programming WCF Services describes how to design and develop SOA-WCF-based applications. User need to be an experienced developer who has a fair understanding of .NET and C# 2.0.

Genius Abacus and Vedic Maths Books - Review

Genius Abacus and Vedic Maths books are very useful to the students. If the student have been suffering a lot by math, abacus and vedic maths are very useful concepts, they will remove math fobia

Silverlight eBook Free Download

Silverlight Latest book available for free download at

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