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Introduction to Windows Presentation Framework

As we are living in competition world we should be aware of all the technologies which are available in current market. Until now I learn few of Microsoft technologies, now I entered into WPF, I want to share my experience with you. In this article I'm going to explain What is WPF and simple application using that.

Displaying List of Folders and Files using TreeView in WPF

In this article We are going to see how we can use TreeView control to display the List of Folders and Files present in a particular drive or location on your computer using WPF. Here we are using two listviews, one to display the list of Folders and other one to display the list of Files present in a folder.

WPF – Different Kind of Binding

How to bind a control using different binding techniques in this article we will discuss about maximum way to bind a control of User Control. Binding control to object, Binding control to static resources, binding control to an xml file or data source and dynamically binding in code.

Difference between Logical Tree and Visual Tree in WPF

In this article we will focus on the differences between the Logical Tree and Visual Tree in WPF. This is very important and useful concept to know if you want to know about the controls. A Logical Tree comprises of the elements as they are listed in the XAML whereas a Visual Tree comprises of the parts that make up the controls and panels.

MCTS 70-511 pass guide

In this article I am going to focus on some of the concepts which I remember appeared in the MCTS 70-511, Windows Application Development Exam. I am going to write the important topics which are covered in the exam and give brief introduction to each topic whenever possible.

How to create Grid with same Row Size in a ListBox

In this article we will see How to create Grid with same Row Size in a ListBox. We are going to use one of the important properties of Grid control "IsSharedSizeScope". Using this property along with the SharedSizeGroup property in the Grid's Column Definition we will make the width of equal sizes in every grid or using the Grid's Row Definition we will make the height of equal sized in every grid.

Markup Extensions in WPF

In this article we are going to focus on Markup Extensions in WPF. They are used to extend capabilities of XAML(eXtensible Application Markup Language). the MarkupExtension class is present in the System.Xaml assembly.

WPF - MessageBox Control

MessageBox is a DialogBox Used to inform the Application Status to the End User by displaying Alerts and Warnings. A Simple MessageBox will have DisplayText, Title and OK Button. Depending on the requirement MessageBox can have other buttons and Icons.

Implementation of MVVM architecture with example.

I have demonstrated MVVM architecture here. In this WPF MVVM application, the model will go through the View-Model classes so that it can communicate with the Views. MVVM will be useful and easy to understand in many real time scenarios.

Use Of Open File Dialog And Image Control in WPF

In this Article.I will Explain You how to use the open file dialog.how to select only image file using this and how to save this images into the database.If you are new to WPF you can also use it.It is just a basic example which introduce you with some basic controls of wpf.

6 important WPF and Silverlight Multi-threading interview questions with answers

WPF and Silverlight technologies are pretty wanted technologies when it comes to getting job as a c# or a .NET programmer / developers. One of the sections which very confusing is threading. So in this article we will discuss six important WPF and Silverlight questions which are asked in c# interviews from the aspect of threading.

What are the benefits of WPF

In this article we are going to see some of the most important benefits of WPF applications like: Resolution independence using vector graphics , Broad Integration, usage of declarative programming using xaml,Rich composition and customization, .

Container controls in WPF

If you are new wpf, want to know what are the available container controls in wpf and what are the properties for that controls to use then this article helps you to know the basic container controls in Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF).

How to apply different skins to WPF applications?

Are you new to WPF development? In WPF, you can replace resources, styles at runtime. It is the added advantage for developer. You can completely change the face of UI by using skins. I hope this article will be useful for you.

What are layouts available in WPF?

This article will be useful for people who are good at programming but not in designing GUI. I have included various layout information which can be used at the time of developing page. I hope you will like this article.

Important concepts in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

In this article, I have included important concepts from WPF perspective. WPF application = Code + XAML. It gives good look and feel for applications. WPF applications are highly customizable. It seperates apperance and behaviour of the application. I hope it will be useful for you all.

A simple game TIC TAC TOE

I just created a simple application a fun application we all familiar to this application which is known as TIC TAC TOE. Whenever we feel lonely and want to do something just open this and start playing.

Binding Exmaple In WPF-Slider Control.

DataBinding is the main feature of WPF. This article gives you a small introduction of how to use Binding in wpf. This article shows how to bind Slider Control to Label FontSize And Label Content property to Textbox Text property.

Example of Graphics in WPF

The main objective of this article is to make you understand how to work on Graphics in WPF. This is a very simple example on how to work on the appearance of an application. We have two views in WPF. Xaml view and code view. We will deal with Xaml view only because this article is dealing with appearance.

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