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Read and Write Excel in C#

In this article I'm going to explain how to read and write data from Excel file with cell by cell. Recently I'm in a situation to update or modify the data in each cell. If I go with Excel there is no option to update the data cell wise but when we go with Excel we can read / write / update data cell by cell, but coming back to performance it's little bit down as compare with Csv but in a situation to read / write/ update cell information Excel is the best option.

Read and Write CSV in C#

In this article I'm going to explain how to read and write data from Csv file with row by row. Recently I'm in a situation to read inputs from Csv file and write data into Csv with row wise. I'm little bit confused about the approach either we have to go with Csv or excel, I implemented in both the ways but coming to performance as compare to Excel, Csv give better performance. In this article I will show you how to handle Csv file using C#.

Print barcode from mysql database using C#

Here i am going to explain you that how to print a bar codes from MySQL database. and working with file for printing a bar codes using C# language. It is very simple. Here i will read data from data table and write the data into file to print a bar codes.

Convert document file to HTML, PDF, RTF, XPS

In this article you will see how is too easy to convert your document from .doc or .docx format to different formats like .html, .pdf, .rtf and .xps.. Online conversation is also available but why don't we chose if we don't have a internet and you want to convert the file urgently.

How to Create Setup file for .NET Windows application?

In this article I have explained about how to create set up file with MS Access Database, Uninstall option, etc. Each steps I have clearly explained in this article with screen shot. First step (create windows application) to last step Uninstall option all are covered in this article.

Introduction of Collections in C#

In this article I explain about what is Collections in C# That is , Collections are the most essential component of C Sharp(C#). The C# language provides the features necessary to create your own collections.

New features in Visual Studio 2012

Looking to know more about the new features of Visual Studio 2012? Check out this article to find some more details on Visual Studio 2012 and its features. The main features such as IDE improvements, Unit Testing, Intellitrace, MTM, Performance improvements, Search everywhere using Ctrl+E, Improvements while debugging, New Testing tools etc.

How to create an Html page dynamically in Console Application without using for loop

Today i will discuss an article how to Create dynamically an Html page with use of Dataset or result set. But Conditions apply that we do not use any for loop in that Code.Inorder to increase the performance of the Application.The Article will be very interesting and will be Useful who wants to create an Html page Dynamically when using Console Application.

How to fusion logo or banner to source image

The main objective of this article is to resize the Image file to a specific width & height, save Image file to JPEG, BMP & PNG format and superimpose the logo or banner to source or main Image by using C# code in windows form application.

Code Shortcuts in Visual Studio 2010

This Article will help in writing the code in Visual Studio .Net. By using this article the programmers can use the shortcuts while writing the code and can save their time and effort to remembering all the syntax's. This article contains all the shortcuts available in the Visual Studio 2010(latest version). Find the Code Shortcuts in Visual Studio 2010

WPF Basics Part-1

WPF has some important new concepts that are beyond of what most .NET developers know from WinForms. But it is very useful to understand these concepts before you start developing WPF applications.

Working with Install Shield in

Today i am going to Introduce how to Set up your Web/Windows Project in Install Shield.So that you can able to Set up your Application with a Clean Interface and detailed System Requirements or Prerequisites that are needed or validate for your Project to install in Client System.

Visual Studio 2010 Start up Gets Faster

Time is money in Software business, Many times it happens that we need to do a very important work and Visual studio doesnot load up which hampers our performance. Now there is a good tool which makes Visual Studio 2012 Startup Faster, Just disable TFS autoconnect feature and Save a lot of time.

Visual Studio 2010 Tables-less web design

This article teaches you how to create table less design using div. I have explained each css positions using pictures than more of words. Each picture is the output of the code done in Visual Studio 2010. (CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO NEW TAB TO VIEW THEM CLEARLY)

BreakPoints - makes your development easier

What are breakpoints and how can we efficiently work with them and use them to make your development easier and faster? This article will include points like debugging tips, execution control transfer, stepIn and stipOut through methods and other usage of debugger.

How to start visual studio from run ?

how you can start visual studio for run with command start->run->devenv->ok or window key(flag key)+r to start run box. "devenv" stand for development environment hope this information help you.

How to find the open and closed port list

In this article, I will explain how to find the open and closed port in the given ip address or host name.It is very simple and basic code.try to connect the socket.if it is connected port is opened otherwise port is closed.

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