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Slicer in MS Excel 2010

Slicer are visual controls that allow you to quickly and easily filter your data in an interactive way. Slicer lets you to slice your data by showing only the element stored in the tables. We can see the real usage of slicers in the Pivot table.

Microsoft Excel tutorial or working with Excel

Microsoft excel is an application program developed by Microsoft.Excel is what is known as a spreadsheet application. Microsoft excel allows you to create professional spreadsheets including large no. of rows & columns and charts. It includes three components- worksheet, graph and DBMS. It performs numerous functions and formulas.

Spark Lines in MS Excel 2010

A SparkLine is basically a small chart displayed in a cell. SparkLines are tiny, word sized charts that can appear in a cell. It enable us to create visual representation of data easily. Use SparkLines to show trends in a series of values such as seasonal increase or decrease, economic cycles etc.,.

Excel to PDF in landscape orientation

In this article, I would like to tell you how to convert an excel file to pdf. I also wanted to tell you something if the worksheet is big due to more number of rows or columns. Go to File -> Print. In that, select the printer as 'Nitro PDF Creator' or 'Adobe PDF' or any other PDF Creator from the drop down list.

How to hide #DIV,#N/A,#NAME,#REF,#VALUE errors in excel

The resource is about excel errors, in excel there are many types of errors like #REF,#DIV,#VALUE,#NAME,#N/A, we can prevent such errors in formulas using ISERROR function in excel2003 and using IFERROR function in excel 2007, now if there is error(s) in your workbook than not to worry about it, you workbook looks errors free, so relax yourself.

Functions In EXCEL

All that functions that used in Excel & useful in many industries. They Are as follows...

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