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Best WordPress Analytics Plugin for WordPress

best Wordpress analytics plugins which you can get for your website. You can get all these things done by Wordpress development which would work both in the backend as well as in front desk in order to keep your website working and they make sure that your website is working properly.

A Sneak Peek At Latest WordPress Updates

If you want to run a WordPress website successfully, then it is imperative to keep yourself up-to-date about the latest upgrades and releases that are expected to hit the WordPress community soon. Doing so, will help you overcome security threats and help boost your site's performance introducing several new features.

How to implement strongly typed view in MVC4.0?

We can pass data from controller to view by using various ways. Strongly typed view is one of the way through which information can be carried out. In this article, I have explained how to do implementation of strongly typed view in razor MVC4.0 application.

How to test web api of MVC4.0 through Fiddler?

If you are able to monitor your client/server traffic then you can set a breakpoint on the response then fiddle with it before sending it on to the client. You can test data which is returned as result set and also check for the status code for good and bad data.

Addressing the problem of slow loading web pages

As web developers we normally confront the user requirement that the page renditions be instant without any delay. In traditional web applications, we normally have the thumb rule of 8 second rule as a threshold to indicate that the pages should complete their rendition in less than 8 seconds. And now with RIA expectations and Web 2.0 standards, the pages behave akin to desktop applications diminishing the difference between desktop application and web application to submerge the wait time between round tri

How to Create a Facebook Application

Are you thinking Facebook applications? IF yes Then This article provide full Information about how to development your Facebook application in PHP. Please read full article and then you can develop your Facebook Application easily.

General tips for C# , .Net, SQL server users.

These are general tips for .Net user. Sometimes we spend large amount of time just to solve simple problem so in such case these tips will help you specially for beginners. If you like this article then please let me know. Happy coding!

SQL DATE Time Convert

During Sql Queries most of the time we need to manipulate the format of Date below I am trying to cover most of the format of date time in sql queries.

Set value using jquery.

If Multiple user control on the same page. then if we need to Set value of the control using jquery. The following jquery function find the control by html tag and cssclass and set the value of the control.

Fully Qualified Name of an Assembly

This articles mentions the format of the Fully Qualified name of an assembly. This is basically required when SHarepoint solution refers the .Net dll from GAC. Basically it is the prerequisite to convert .Net Aspx page into SharePoint Aspx page.As Sharepoint does not have .cs or .vb files the reference of the dll is required.

Your Website Page Rank

Major concern of Page Ranking, could not increase my page rank on web. Page Rank is not a concern, there are millions of website and to increase your PR is up to you

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