Visual Studio

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Shortcuts to work with Visual Studio

There are many shortcuts in Visual studio, that makes work easier to the .NET programmers. Below are some of them for editing, intellisense, debugging, navigation between different views, windows, snippets and to build programs in a solution.

Easy to Create Connection String for .Net

Our .net development.very important is connection string creation .now it will craete easy. You have use DLP(data Link properties) dialog box to save the (.udl) file

A simple way to start with N-tier architecture

I want to introduce beginners to the world of professionals. This code is very simple and shows the basic of n-tier architecture. What goes where? is the basic question when a beginner wants to start with n-tier. So here are the answers.

How to use mbox in C#?

You can use method by simply typing mbox and it provides you similar functionality same as that of Messagebox.Show() gives. This article explains on how to use mbox in C# to display a Message Box. I hope it will be useful for all people who are not aware of mbox functionality which is available in winforms.

How to get shared assemblies out of the GAC

There are times/scenarios where we developers wanted the good old working .Net assembly(of particular version) deployed in to GAC where you don’t have track or record from where it was initially deployed from for xyz reasons(i.e. the location or path as it might have been deployed somebody else). This resource/tip is about how to get back the Dot net assemblies(Shared Assemblies) deployed in GAC.

What is Interface Concepts in C#

This article will help to developer to increase Interface concept in c#. Interface- An interface contains only the signatures of methods, delegates or events. The implementation of the methods is done in the class that implements the interface. A class that implements an interface can explicitly implement members of that interface

DirectCast better than CType in VB

DirectCast performs better than using CType when casting from an object to a more specific type because it does not use runtime helper functions.

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