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How to deploy Sliverlight 5 Web project?

Sliverlight 5 is a latest version of Sliverlight. I have included Sliverlight 5 Web project deployment steps in this article. I have created virtual directory in IIS and hosted it. I hope it will be useful for you.

Silverlight5 : Tips and tricks

When we are new to any technology, we spend hours to solve any simple problem, right? This article will help all sliverlight5 beginners to overcome difficulties in developing sliverlight5 application. I hope it will be helpful for you all.

How to insert an image to button in the silverlight 5?

Sliverlight5 is latest version which helps developer to make GUI more attractive. You can improve look and feel of your application by using sliverlight5. I hope this article is helpful for all sliverlight beginners.

[Silverlight] Checkbox List within ListBox using DataTemplate

DataTemplates in Silverlight are typically used for visual representation of your data.Data Templates are allow you to define a custom way in which the data should be display in a Control. They are particularly useful when you are binding an ItemsControl such as a ListBox to a collection. In this article, I have demonstrated how to declare DataTemplates in XAML and to read and apply them at runtime. Also one more thing over here is bind check box list in DataTemplate.

Using TreeView control in silverlight

In this article we are going to look at how we can use a TreeView control. The TreeView is a control with tree structure. The main purpose of a Tree View control is to display hierarchical data in the form of nodes. Each node in turn has children that can be collapsed and expanded.

How to disable automatic source updates in Silverlight

This article demonstrates how we can disable automatic source updates in Silverlight. In TwoWay bindings, when changes are made to the target, It automatically updates the source, except when we bind Text property of a TextBox. In this case, the update occurs when the TextBox loses focus. Learn how to disable automatic source updates in Silverlight? We can disable automatic source updates and update the source when we would like to.

Data Validation in silverlight

This article demonstrates how we can display the custom error message to the user when the validation fails. In order to receive notification about a validation error that has occurred or has been resolved, we must set the NotifyOnValidationError property to true on the binding object. Setting the NotifyOnValidationError property to true, tells the binding engine to raise the BindingValidationError event when a validation error is added to or removed from the Validation.Errors collection.

MediaElement control in Silverlight

In this article we are going to look at one of the media controls in silverlight "MediaElement". MediaElement control in silverlight is used to Play some Media element. Here media refers to either an Audio or a Video or a combination of the two. This Media may exist in different formats from different media vendors such as Microsoft, Real and so on and they save media in proprietary formats. In this article we are going to look at how to use the MediaElement control in silverlight.

How to use application bar in windows phone 7 using silverlight - [Part-4]

In this article, I will explain how to create and use an Application Bar, which is a toolbar for Windows Phone 7 applications. This tutorial will help developers to add an Application Bar to Windows Phone 7 application; for the better user experience to learn how to add Application Bar in windows phone 7 application.

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