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Main Difference between JSON and XML

Major difference between JavaScript object notation (JSON) and Extensible Markup language XML,JSON extended from JavaScript and developed by Douglas, XML extended from “Standard Generalized Markup Language and developed by W3C.

XML DataSource in ASP.net...?

In this article I'm trying to explain How to read data from XML DataSource and display the data in GridView control. Here we read XML Data using ReadXML method.XML is another important DataSource used for different type of Applications XML is hirearchical DataBase and .NET provides different methods to access XML in both hierarchical & reational format.

Creating, reading and appending the XML file.

In this article we will read about the XML file. We will see how can we create an XML file, How can we Read an XML file and how can we append a XML file. We will do this in console application. we will see the reading of an XML file in 3 ways.

To create Xml using xmldocument,xmlwriter and xmltextreader

There are various methods of creating an xmldocument and they are as follows a)using Xmldocument b)using xmlwriter c)Using xmltextwriter The XmlDocument is a read/write consisting of a tree of XML nodes in memory. One can perform as many edits as possible anywhere in the document prior to writing it out to a stream,whereas XmlWriter is a write-only object which helps to write a well-formed XML to a stream. There are no read capabilities and the write capabilities are forward-only as well

XML Validation with XSD along with Custom Exception

This article describes about validating XML against defined XSD & it will does following XML data validation with XSD like XML TAGS provided are present & appropriate with respect to XSD, How to write custom validations like check to see email ID is valid or not, How to generate XSD from XML, How to write regular expression in XSD

XML Validation with XSLT & Calling Custom function from XSLT

I will discuss about validating XML against defined XSL. Prior to getting into this article it’s mandatory that one should have basic knowledge on what is XML & XSL. This example describes below business rules: 1. If UserName, Password node not exists, generate XML ERROR as output 2. If UserName, Password nodes are empty, generate XML ERROR as output 3. Check if user,password exists in DB or not & generate XML SUCCESS or ERROR as output

EXtensible StyleSheet Language - Part 2

In our previous article: http://dotnetspider.com/resources/43273-XSLT-eXtensible-StyleSheet-Language.aspx we have seen the introduction to XSL and XSLT. We have seen some of the keywords used in XSLT such as <template>,<value-of>,<for-each>. In this article we are going to see few more keywords used in the XSLT documents such as: <sort>,<if>,<choose>,Apply

XSLT - eXtensible StyleSheet Language Transformations

XSLT stands for eXtensible StyleSheet Language Transformations and In this Article we are going to cover the following concepts about XSLT. 1. What is XSL and how it came into existence? 2. What is XSLT. 3. Advantages of XSLT. 4. Using XSLT in ASP.NET 5. Keywords used in the XSLT file.

Working with XML in .Net

In this we see what is XML. how is it different from HTML. Also we see an example of how to use it in windows application for writing and reading an XML file.

What is XPath?

Sometime, the data in an XML document needs to be searched before it can be formatted and rendered using a style sheet. Here XPath comes in to picture.

XSL Validation

Let us consider XSL file to generate own HTML page based on an XML file we provide. In this situation, the need to To verify that the XSL file will display appropriate results and not an empty page is required.

XML Advantages and Disadvantages

XML has its own Advantages and disadvantages. It is often depended on the complexity of the application, ability of the user etc., The following is the list of Advantages and disadvantages

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