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Android App Development Using C# and Xamarin

In this article we first try to create proper Xamarin.Android development environment by installing all the required components on our machine and then build our first Xamarin.Android application in C# language using Visual Studio.

Discussing Date and Time Method In ASP.NET C#

In this article we will discuss about Date & Time methods of ASP.NET, we will use C# to write code-snippet. ASP.NET Microsoft Technology provides date time with the use of SYSTEMTIME method of operating system.

Consuming WCF Service in BizTalk 2010 Orchestration

In this article I will show how to consume WCF Services in BizTalk 2010 Orchestration in a Step by Step manner, Before consuming WCF in BizTalk, you should be aware of how to create and host WCF services.

Delegates using examples

Delegate is a form of type safe functional pointer. in compile time we don't know which method will be invoked. We can invoke a delegate asynchronous. Mostly it will be used in event drive programming. number of parameter, type of parameters and return type of a delegate should be match with method signature.

How to change the caption of the Console application

The title is important for all kind of projects. We can change the title of windows application or web application easily. But doing this in console is little bit tricky. In this article, we can see how we can handle it in the console application.

Convert Excel files (.xlsx) to Excel Macro Enabled files (.xlsm)

In this article i will explain you that how you can convert simple excel files (.xlsx) to excel macro enable files (.xlsm). .xslx is the file extension of excel files which will be converted to .xlsm file format which is known as macro enable files. Macro enables files can run macros which contains VBA code (also known as VBA). It is the programming language used within Excel to develop macros.

Beep sound if cell found empty in excel

In this article i will explain you that how you can beep sound if you found empty cell or if you found cell which has minimum value than that you have defined or if you found which has maximum value than that you have defined in excel. So in all these different situations you can beep different different sounds as per your requirement.

Linq: Discussing Deferred and Immediate Query Execution

These days Linq is getting more fame, I like and recommend it as a developer. In this shorp discussion, I am not going to explain Linq. So, Linq is having different approches to write queries, but having two different behaviors of query execution, i.e. Deferred and Immediate execution. In this short discussion, we will discuss this with a simple code example.

Ref – Out of C#

In this short video tutorial Gaurav Kumar Arora is going to demonstrate Ref – Out of C# with an example

How to find all possible subarray of an array in c# using recursion

This article outlines how to find all possible subarray of a given array. To solve the problem recursion is used in our algorithm. If we know all the subarray of a (n-1) element of array then we can easily find out the subarray for all the n elements. Language used is c#.

Convert Text to Image using C#

Many times we need to convert a textual information to image, here I explained how to convert textual information from textbox or richtextbox to image using C#

How to Prevent Your Computer from Virus Attack.

Frequent system inoculation, avoiding the use of storage media from different computers without cleaning it of viruses. Avoiding software duplication and the use of anti – virus software and firewalls such as avast, McGee, Norton, Dr Solomon, spyware, penicillin are ways to safeguard our computer systems.

Send E-mail with Dynamic Body

This Article is helpful to understand this:- 1)basic part of E-mail. 2)how to make dynamic body of email. 3)send mail with SMTP server. I explain clearly to create dynamic Body part of E-mail Content.

OOPs Concepts in C#

Are you searching the concept of OOPs in c-sharp(c#)? This article helps you to clear your understanding on the topic the concept of Object Oriented Programming System.

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