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Update ListItems and Check-In file in Moss 2007 using Web Services

In my project I'm facing one typical situation, while download the file few of the files are Checked out status, we can't download the file if the status is in Check-out, so I thought to Check-In files before download it, but it's not possible to check-In bulk of files with in fraction of seconds, So I decided to Check-In all the files through code.

Get List Items through Recurrsive Sub-Folder in Moss 2007 using Web Services

In this article I'm going to explain how to get the files under Document Library Folders and Sub Folders, for example If the folders are Recursive then how to get the items behind it. In this article I'm going to explain clearly how to get the items in Recursive Sub folders in Moss 2007 using Web services.

Introduction to Web Services Part - II

AS the continuation of the previous articles this articles overs the definitions of all the components of the Web services , importance of web services and the Process how web services are hosted and accessed.

Introduction to Web API

In this article we are going to focus on what is ASP.NET Web API(Application Programming Interface) and why it is needed. The Prerequisites required to learn Web API. Tools to test a Web API service. WEB API is used to create HTTP services.

Implementing a WCF service based on REST and JSON

In this article we are going to see how to write a WCF Service Based on REST and JSON. Implementing a WCF service based on REST and JSON is easy in ASP.NET because of the AJAX support built into ASP.NET. In Visual Studio, There is a WCF template which can be used to create a service that takes advantage of REST calling mechanism and JSON data format.

.NET Remoting: Using Interfaces

Using .NET Remoting and SoapSuds tools (SOAPSUDS.Exe) to extract metadata using Interface mechanism as an Alternative to SOAPSUDS. Explanation of concepts with examples of each.

Handling Exceptions in WCF Applications

In this article I will explain the use of structured exception handling using try catch blocks. Since service oriented applications are called by any clients irrespective of the technology, we should handle exceptions in a different way. Since it is not technology specific, we need some generic exception methodology in this case.

WCF Authentication Troubleshooting

Using WCF with Windows Authentication and SSL is a common scenario, but it can be trickier to get it to work than it seems, especially in our environment. If you're getting an error, chances are you missed something in your configuration on the client or server. If you're trying to use a binding other than BasicHttpBinding, ask yourself if it's really necessary. The complexity only increases with other binding types. Consider using a custom WCF client DLL to encapsulate your configuration. This w

3 ways to do WCF instance management (Per call, Per session and Single)

Many times we would like to control the way WCF service objects are instantiated on WCF server. You would like to control how long the WCF instances should be residing on the server. WCF framework has provided 3 ways by which we can control the WCF instance creation. In this article we will first try to understand those 3 ways of WCF service instance control with simple code samples of how to achieve them. Finally we will compare when to use under what situations.

How to build a custom WCF client using ChannelFactory

In "service" speak a client (or proxy) is just the code that handles all the communication details with the actual service. It allows you to call methods on a class (the client) as if they were located in your project. It abstracts you from most of the implementation details. This is a really good thing.

How to alter the WSDL generation in a ASMX service

As more and more teams are moving their applications to 2008 server, one of the primary task includes upgrading their traditional web services (ASMX) to WCF service. As much as important task this is - few teams may decide to go ahead with the ASMX web service itself for the time being and decide to upgrade later on. However the issue comes - when you deploy and see the web service is working fine (you are able to browse the service url e.g: http://foo.abc.com/[applicationname]/[filename].asmx)

WebServices in ASP.net...?

In this article I'm trying to explain how to work with webservices and how to publish the webservices and how to call that webservices in our application with sample code snippet. May be this will help who are looking the same thing...

Simple tutorial on Web Services

Simple tutorial on Web Services and its uses. Concepts in Web services. Uses of web services. Define SOAP and WSDL in Web services in .NET. Uses of UDDI. Easy explanation on webservices. Web services concepts for beginners.

WCF - A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

In this article I will explain the basic concept of .Net's WCF framework, You might have know or heard about Service oriented Architecture, but have you experienced it with an example? . Here I will explain the SOA by taking WCF as an example.

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