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Getting your AdSense Account Approved

This article is for all users who have applied for Google AdSense program and got rejected due to various reasons or those who want to get some revenue by using their Website or Blog through AdSense.

Making windows PC/Laptop a Wi-Fi Hotspot

This article is about to describe, how to convert your PC/Laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. These days, most of electronic gadgets are Wi-Fi enabled. What to do if there is no any Wi-Fi hotspot near you. Why not to turn your PC/Laptop into a Hotspot. Hotspot is another name of Coverage Area of Internet Network in case of Wireless Network

Alter SQL Table Containing Data from Design View

We will try to get rid of below Error in this Article. "Saving changes is not permitted. The changes you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created. You have either made changes to a table that can't be re-created or enabled to option Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created."

Changing themes at Runtime in ASP.NET

While we have multiple Themes or Designs, why not allow user to change theme of his choice. We are going to learn how to change the Theme of User selection to all pages in solution and also to write something in web.config.

Skins and Themes in ASP.NET

As we see, many of the Websites, Applications are using different graphics, color schema. We can define Skin as set of Combination of Graphics, Color and other properties. This is dependable on CSS, Images and Skin file available on ASP.NET.

URL Rewriting in ASP.NET with Global.asax

This article is to describe URL Rewriting in ASP.NET using Global.asax using the Simplest Language and easiest method with Screenshots. Go through and get a completely SEO Friendly website using URL re-writing in just two block of Codes.

Get Last Deleted Records in SQL

This article is about to get the Last deleted records in ASP.NET using T-SQL. There are so many methods but we will be talking about OUTPUT here. OUTPUT DELETED.* will be described in Simple words below. Open link for complete article.

Get Last Inserted Record in SQL

Sometimes we need to get or return the Last inserted record in SQL Server, using ASP.NET platform. Check out the code snippet for fetching the last inserted record from a database.

Reading data from XML File

In my last articles, I have discussed about Reading and Writing data from Excel file to GridView and Saving to SQL Table. This article is about Reading data from XML File. We will use a XML File as our datasource on different ways.

Import Excel Data into SQL Table using ASP.NET

Have you ever wondered how some applications provide you with features like uploading data into your Database tables. Lets learn here how to Upload Excel Data into SQL table using Asp.Net.

Configuring SQL Server for ASP.NET

This article is about how to Install SQL Server for ASP.NET. Suppose, you have installed Visual Studio or VWD, and SQL Server also. But you are unable to access the SQL Server Directly in your ASP.NET Applications.

Using Webservice from .dll (Library)

You know about, Web Services in ASP.NET. If yes, then you must be aware of methods of accessing Web Method in another Project (windows or Web). Here is another method to Access/consume web service via a offline dll.

Shut Down Windows Automatically

Are you a Programmer, of course. I know and all you work Late Night. Lets know how to make our Computer to tell us that, Its time to Sleep. Today I am here to Tell you that How to Shut Down Windows automatically and go to Sleep using Task Scheduler in Windows 8.

CSS Dropdown Menu for ASP.NET Website

In this article, you will learn how to Create a Drop Down menu using CSS and Plain HTML that can be used in ASP.NET website. This article is complete tutorial for beginners to Create a Nice Dropdown Menu.

State Management in ASP.NET part-2 (QueryString)

As we discussed about Need of State Management and Cookies in First Part. Have you ever seen PCode=123 while surfing the web. We are going to make a Website with Same Feature which will be Querying from Database depending on Runtime Variable. That is called QueryString.

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