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How to generate vCard dynamically using ASP.NET?

Are you looking the article on topic How to generate vCard dynamically using ASP.NET? Hereunder I will explain vCard, vCard is nothing but contact card or you can say it is a standard electronic business card. Here in this article we are going to learn how to generate a vCard dynamically using ASP.NET. Once you create the vCard it will be easy for you to transfer or send the card as an attachment.

Sliding Image using JQuery

Here I am going to explain you how you can make a sliding image in your web application using jQuery. There are many ways to implement this feature in your web application but Using jQuery it will be very easy and you don't need to use any timer control for sliding it automatically.

Select Top @Variable * from table error

This is a common query we can see over the net. I am posting this just because today I saw this query again in DotnetSpider. This is because of simple mistake in the query and can be rectified by just adding braces around the variable.

HTML5 X-Icon Editor

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application that allows you to create high resolution icons.

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