Transforming Text into Handwritten Notes: Your Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, your teacher or instructor assign you to complete the writing task in your own handwriting format (not in the computerized form). This can be very labor-intensive as you have to sit and write everything using the pen and your hands.

Besides, for a person who has good typing speed and can write anything in short time on a computer or laptop might find it difficult. So, what to do in this situation? What’s the easiest way to write your notes in the handwriting style?

In this scenario, you can take help from an online text to handwriting tool. Such an online tool will help you write handwritten notes using your computer or laptop.

So, if you are interested to know more about such an online tool, then we got you covered!

In today’s ultimate guide, we are going to talk about how you can use an online text to handwriting tool to transform your text into handwritten notes.

Ready to learn more? Read on!

Text to Handwriting Tool: Quick Introduction

An online converter that can transform your typed text into handwritten form that is displayed on realistic paper is called text to handwriting tool. This online tool works very effectively and can convert all of your text into a physical note.

Text to handwriting tool provides various features for its users, like there are multiple different fonts available that you can choose for free. Besides, you can also change the paper format according to your requirements.

Not only that, but it also provides a feature in which you can change the color of the ink and font size.

This online tool also enables its users to download handwritten notes in PDF file or JPG (image) format. You can choose anyone according to your requirements. But if you have to submit the notes physically, then choose the PDF option, because you will be able to print high-quality notes.

So, this was a quick introduction about what a text to handwriting tool is. Let’s talk about how it can help in transformation.

How to Transform Your Text into Handwritten Notes?

Now, here we are going to show you a step-by-step guide to how you can transform your text into realistic handwritten notes.

Find a Perfect Text to Handwriting Tool

In the process of transforming computerized text into handwritten, the first step is to find a perfect and reliable online tool. As you know, there are a lot of different online text to handwriting tools are available, but some of them don’t work properly or require premium version.

When it comes to finding a right tool, you must look for these factors:

  • Is it providing a free version?

  • What’s its free limit?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Is it required to complete the registration?

, etc.

These are the common and important things that you should look for when searching for a tool.

However, if you are in a hurry and can’t check all the tools, then don’t worry. You can also use the Text to Handwriting Converter.

This online tool has all the above features we mentioned. And the good thing is, it doesn’t provide any premium subscription.

Input Your Text

Now that you have found a perfect tool, let’s move to the next step, which is inputting your text into the tool. Many tools provide a feature where you can copy and paste the text into the given box. But in some specific tools, you also get a feature of importing the text file.

For instance, if you have already written your notes in any word processing software and have a DOC file, then you can import it in the tool. In the Text to Handwriting Converter by Textreverse, you get this feature (the one shown below), where you can import the DOC file from your device storage.

Besides, in this specific tool, it provides a separate text area for the title of the notes. You have to paste the title of the notes in that specific area and the rest of the text in the other input box.

Select Font and Choose Other Requirements

Now the uploading process is complete. The next step is all about selecting the fonts and choosing other requirements. In the Text to Handwriting Converter by Textreverse, you get some options that can help you adjust the font according to your writing style.

As you know, you are using this tool to write handwritten notes, so they should look the same as your natural writing style. In this case, these features can help you with that.

There are multiple options provided like:

  • Handwriting style: There are 8 different handwriting styles are available, and you can choose any one of them that closely matches your natural handwriting style.

  • Paper style: There are 5 different paper styles available, and you can select any of them. For instance, if you want to create notes on a blank white paper, you can choose it from the option.

  • Font & heading size: You can adjust the font size from 0 – 500+ (but we are using 42 font size, because it looks more natural). Besides, you can also adjust the heading size from 0 – 500+ (but we are using 98 font size, as it gives a more human writing look).

  • Ink color: You can also change the color of your text according to your requirements. As an example, if you write notes in blue pen ink, you can choose that option provided in the tool.

Remember, all of these options and features we talked about are available in the Text to Handwriting Converter by Textreverse.

Get the Output

Now you have completed all the requirements, then you don’t have to do anything. The tool can give you the output in real-time, which you can then download. Here real-time means, even if you write a single word, the tool will automatically create the handwritten notes without even clicking on any button or doing anything.

Now, if talk about downloading the output handwritten notes, then there are two options available. You can download the handwritten file in PDF format, or you can download it as a JPG image.

As we have already mentioned above, if you have to submit the handwritten notes physically, then choose PDF option. It will help you print the notes in high-quality.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, writing notes using a pen and paper is a very complicated and time-consuming task. Besides, for those who have a good typing speed on a computer or laptop may not be able to complete them in time.

So, we have discussed a very solution that can help you convert your computerized text notes into handwritten ones. You can use an online text to handwriting converter to do that with ease. In the above guide, we have explained everything step-by-step that will help you a lot.


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