How Does Image to Text Converter Help Freelancers in Data Entry Work

Data entry is one of the most demanding ages in this period of age. Where all businesses are digital, and companies store their data digitally, they are always looking for a good and experienced data entry person. 

So, companies hire freelance data entry persons and pay them to save their data in Microsoft Excel and send them the file. But sometimes, they have some paper sheets in which all of their important data is.

They want to save it digitally so that they can access it whenever or wherever they want to.

This looks easy, but only the date entry freelancer knows how frustrating this work is. So, I have found the solution for you. I’m talking about an online Image Text Converter.

So, in this article, I am going to talk about how Image to Text Converter helps freelancers in data entry work.

What is an Image to Text Converter?

Image to Text Converter is an online tool that uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This advanced technology works to extract the text from images and save it digitally.

These algorithms are so advanced that they can even extract dull or gibberish text from the images and give you output. An online Image to Text Converter comes in very handy for freelancers like data entry persons and translators.

So, now you know what an online Image to Text Converter is. Now, let’s talk about how they can help freelancers in their data entry work.

How Does Image To Text Converter Helps in Data Entry Work?

Here I’m going to show you some benefits of an Image to Text Converting tool for freelancers.

Bulk Data Entry Process

As mentioned above, businesses have large amounts of physical data which they have saved digitally. So, if they hire a single data entry freelancer for all of the work, then it would be impossible for them to complete it before the deadline.

However, if the freelancer works smart, not hard, then this won’t be a problem.

Yes, I’m talking about using Image to Text Converter. This will help them a lot because they don’t have to extract the data manually. They can simply upload multiple images at a time in the tool and extract data from it.

They can use the data and do the entry in the Excel sheet. This is how they will be able to convert image to text and finish hours of work in minutes.

Handle Various File Formats

You can say this is another benefit of an online Image to Text Converter, which it is can handle various file formats for you.

What we are actually trying to say is even if you have an image or a PDF file, this online tool can extract the text from it and convert it into an editable file.

Besides, OCR technology has become so advanced that even in MS Excel, you can scan any physical paper and extract the data in the same format. For instance, if the paper is in a spreadsheet format like the one shown below.

Image Source

You can extract the same exact data from it, and Excel will automatically format it for you. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is.

So, if the freelancer has to enter the data from such images or physical documents, then with the help of the Image to Text Converter, this can be done with ease.

Fast and Time-Saving

So, from the above discussion, you have an idea about how an Image to Text Converter can be a time savior for you. They work really fast as compared to a normal data entry person and can convert image to text within seconds.

Besides, due to advanced OCR algorithms, the tool can accurately extract the data from images and provide the output.

So, in every way, the Image to Text Converter is a really fast and time-saving option for you.

Final Words

In summary, the Image to Text Converter can be a valuable asset for those freelancers who work as data entry persons.

It can help them simplify the data extraction process, boost their productivity, complete bulk tasks quickly, and also handle various file types.

If I have to say, then this can be all-in-one help that a data entry freelancer needs.


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