How to Survive the BPO Industry?

How to navigate to the thankless low paying job in the BPO industry - is this something that is currently going on in your mind? Read our article to know how you can best manage your time in the BPO industry and how you can make your future better and brighter.

A wise man once said the only way to survive the BPO industry is to leave the BPO industry. Relax, I'm just joking, but was he?

We all have been there. From those long and arduous nights to them cold and clammy mornings, all of us have carried the weight of multi-billion-dollar brands and their ginormous reputations on our arthritis-prone frail shoulders and chalky bones.

All the time we wait for that promised land or reward, that eternal paradise on top of the Orion Mountains, the kingdom come, waiting for respite in our final happy place. But with no hope or prayer in sight, we wither away with our hopes and dreams forever shattered, crumbled, and lost in oblivion under the tumultuous pressures of the corporate enterprise.

The ultimate horizon, never in sight, defiantly elusive, and almost always unattainable. It is a sad but true reality of the corporate world, and especially the BPO industry whose primary job is to cut costs and expenditures for corporate giants while pushing the labor force to extraordinary hardship and suffering.

Wait the story isn't complete. Don't just run away like you do from all your troubles. There still may be hope, at least, for the more serious and enterprising folks among you!

Trouble in Paradise

In every dark alley, there is a ray of hope, a journey that is waiting for you to realize your potential and achieve the impossible. People will tell you that this road to success is only for the company bootlickers who like to please the managers in every possible way to receive increments, promotions, and awards while doing as little work as possible.
Get this narrative out of your head. Your goals should be bigger than this.

In truth, this might be true for a few companies but holistically this is far away from reality. Most big companies in the world operate under strict parameters that value results, effort, innovation, and integrity over tenure, contacts, and favoritism. Here, your promotions are directly connected to the contributions you make and the leadership potential you exhibit in a collaborative environment.

This doesn't mean that you should become a corporate slave. No, no. It is entirely the opposite. Your goal should be to develop a hustler mentality. Wondering what that means? It means setting an audacious and over-the-top goal and doing everything possible to achieve it; never leaning back or wasting time in your pursuit of perfection while looking at everything as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

Developing the Psychology of a Champion

Change is a constant that can never be escaped. You will go on working all your life and eventually die but the wheel of the world will never stop. They never stop for anyone. Especially, for the weak, diminutive, and disposable assets. It's the way of the world folks and frankly, no one can escape it.
However, all of this can change if you are simply able to change your mindset.

So, your first step in this new journey should be replacing your FIXED mindset with a GROWTH mindset. This means telling yourself every day, "that nothing is impossible or unachievable and that I have what it takes to outwork everyone to turn my dreams and vision into a reality."

The second step as already mentioned, is setting an audacious goal and breaking it down into achievable denominations that you can work on every day.

The third step is being committed and consistent. To surpass the rest of the world in terms of skill and craft you have to improve every single day. You have to be your own competition and outdo what you achieved yesterday.

The fourth and final step is to eliminate distractions. Distractions are the worst form of mind-eaters that destroy the positive energy or vibe that almost brought you halfway to your goals.

The Secret No One Ever Told You

Toxic environments exist everywhere. However, that does not give you an excuse to be a big baby and cry about the long list of transgressions in your life. No one simply cares or will help you in any way to get out of the mess you have created. However, there is a way out. A secret no one told you about.
If you are not learning. You are dead.

And even if the culture is not the right fit for you, you can simply find some good resources out there that can teach. If they are unwilling you can go online and learn from some of the best instructors for free. Always remember, in the corporate world, the name of the game is not going at it hard but working smart.

Nothing Comes from Nothing

The answers to all your questions and survival are hooked in the mind. The more you stimulate it, the more doors and opportunities will open. So, do remember Uncle Ben's slogans while slowly making your way up the ladder that,
All achievements in life are closely connected to your learning.

If you are constantly trying out new things, pushing innovative practices, and learning from your mistakes, you will not only survive but thrive in any collaborative culture. In corporate terms, this involves patiently and passionately honing your skills for a better tomorrow. Improving your prospects by becoming the smarter, more agile, and best version of yourself.

And not simply because your boss wants it, No. But for better prospects across the developing landscape.

Embracing the Digital Revolution

The world has changed, and you no longer have to spend your precious time and money on a college education. The world has moved online and online learning is the new go-to tool that will not only unravel the mysteries of the world but make you a formidable resource that is complete in every possible way.

So, join the bandwagon and start your learning journey today. Wait don't have a fast-enough internet to meet all your learning needs. Nothing to fret about, we got you covered.

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Wrapping Up

The name of the game is not finding shortcuts or making excuses. It is developing the mindset of the beast to make the impossible possible.


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