Hadoop developer or Sailpoint developer, which one has a better future

Are you a developer? Do you want to know who has a better future: Hadoop developer or Sailpoint Developer? I am going to help you to find it. Before exploring the future of Sailpoint Developers and Hadoop Developers, Let us first know about Sailpoint, Hadoop, and why Sailpoint and Hadoop's needs emerged.

Why Sailpoint?

In an organization, the IAM tool is used to protect against security incidents by enabling administrators to automate many user account-related tasks. Identity and access management standardizes and automates the essential aspects of managing the identity, authorization, and authentication, saving time and money while minimizing risk to the enterprise. Sailpoint offers the customers the exposure they require to understand the risk involved in user access by examining abnormal behaviors that can demonstrate the breach and concentrate their governance controls for better governance of identities. So, Most companies rely on SailPoint to reduce risk and increase business growth while managing user access. This increased the requirement for Sailpoint professionals.

Sailpoint was recognized as the leader for its administration and governance six times, consequently by Gartner Magic Quadrant. Moreover, Sailpoint was recognized as the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice for Identity Governance and Administration. This indicates that there is a huge demand for Sailpoint developers.

What is Sailpoint?

SailPoint is an identity and access management (IAM) solution that helps organizations provide and manage access to users from all over the world. Sailpoint provides four different solutions: Sailpoint IdentityIQ, Sailpoint SecurityIQ, Sailpoint IdentityNow, and Sailpoint IdentityAI. Sailpoint IdentityIQ is used to provide integrated governance abilities which cover compliance controls, access requests, password management as well as provisioning. Sailpoint IdentityNow is used for providing access requests, access certification services, provisioning, password management for cloud/on-premise and mobile applications. Sailpoint SecurityIQ is used for expanding the Sailpoint identity governance platform by allowing the companies to identify and control access to sensitive data stored in files that enhance their ability to address the increasing threat to the security of unstructured data, which is stored in files and documents. Sailpoint IdentityAI is used for giving the clients the exposure they require for understanding the risks included in the user access by determining the abnormal behaviors which may indicate a violation and focusing their governance controls to more effectively govern identities.

Future of Sailpoint

The growing requirement for identity management software will advance the SailPoint IdentityIQ market over the years to come. With the introduction of IAM technology, the requirement for SailPoint IdentityIQ developers is expected to grow in the coming years. SailPoint developers are required to develop, automate and enhance scalable identity solutions. They control the access to data and resources across an organization to minimize risk and help the business to succeed.

So, there is a huge demand for Sailpoint developers. The salary of a Sailpoint Developer ranges from 6-12 LPA based on the job profile.

Why Hadoop?

With the rise in Big data, there was not sufficient space for storing the data that is being generated. The storage of large quantities of heterogeneous data like structured, unstructured, and semi-structured was also an issue. Even though the data was stored, the processing and access speed of the systems were not fast enough, particularly if we added simultaneous access to the equation. So, there was a requirement for a flawless system which can be used for processing, analyzing, storing, and retrieving big data. Traditional databases do not have the capacity to store data that is currently generated from heterogeneous sources. Moreover, they cannot process these huge amounts of data quickly. Hadoop appears as a light into the world of big data analytics.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop was developed by Apache Software Foundation in 2008. It is an open-source software framework to store and handle large quantities of data. Hadoop has huge processing power as well as the ability to parallel process and manage an unlimited number of jobs or tasks. Due to the unique features of Hadoop, like the capability of storing huge data, scalability, fault tolerance, cost-effectiveness, rapid processing powers, attract companies to select Hadoop. Such large data crunching is even used in auto trading platforms like currency trading, crypto trading, and stock trading. You can visit bitcoin360ai`s official website to see how auto trading works when implemented perfectly.

Moreover, Hadoop is not just a single word. It is a comprehensive ecosystem referred to as Hadoop Ecosystem, which provides an extra point for Hadoop to be used by the organizations for big data crunching. Hadoop will provide everything they need. In this way, the Hadoop market is expanding every day and has a promising future ahead of it.

Future of Hadoop

Research shows that Hadoop has good opportunities in a number of industries. With the introduction of the digital universe, we are handling data exploration. As time goes by, new technologies are emerging continuously, which is creating a data pool. Hadoop is a pioneer in the processing and storage of large quantities of data. The Hadoop market was divided among various business sectors. There will be no industry that is not a part of the Hadoop Market. Computing IT sector industries, along with the industries such as education, health care, hospitals, telecommunication, finance, retail, etc., have adopted Hadoop. With the realization of the benefits of Big data analysis, Hadoop adoption is becoming more and more. While there are plenty of Big Data Analytics tools, such as Flink, Apache Spark, etc., to meet the challenges of Big Data, they cannot replace Hadoop for the next few years because they don't have their storage and rely on Hadoop for it.

As a result, IT professionals continue to be a part of the trend with Big Data and Hadoop technologies. So Hadoop skills are in demand, and there's no question about it! If you are a professional interested in Hadoop, It gives you ways to expand your career, offers you an increased package (because of your Hadoop skills), and boosts your career growth.

Hence an individual looking for a career in Hadoop as a Hadoop Developer will have a bright future. The salary of a Hadoop Developer ranges from 5-10 LPA based on the job profile.

Which one has a better future: Hadoop developer or Sailpoint Developer?

SailPoint is an identity and access management solution, while Hadoop is a framework that is used for storing and managing big data. As per me, Both of them are important, and both of them have better futures. Without an IAM tool like Sailpoint, there may be chances of risk to the organization. Till now, Sailpoint has been the pioneer in IAM tools. Until there is a replacement for Sailpoint, it has a better future. And Hadoop is a must to meet the challenges of Big data. Researches suggest that there will be no technology that can match the rise of Big data other than Hadoop for the next few years.


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