Top Coding Skills That Make Every PPC Specialist More Valuable

This article discusses the top three coding skills that can increase your value as a PPC Specialist. Kindly read along for more information.

To become a better and more efficient PPC Specialist, you don't need to be a full-fledged programmer. Instead, basic coding skills are enough. The skills you need are simple and easy to learn.


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is very different from Java, and it is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide alongside HTML and CSS. JavaScript is one of the three main building blocks of the web, and almost all websites incorporate JavaScript elements.

Why is JavaScript Useful in PPC?

Google Analytics and AdWords tracking codes are based on JavaScript. It would be nice to be able to make changes to the scripts when necessary. Sometimes, modifying standard analytics code or setting up event tracking on a landing page is essential. The knowledge of JavaScript helps you make these changes without the assistance of a web developer.

Another important reason why JavaScript is helpful in PPC is that it enables you to write AdWords scripts. The AdWords script is a powerful feature of the AdWords platform that can save time and manage PPC accounts. AdWords scripts are suitable for automating standard procedures like checking that ads containing URLs do not produce errors, including "page not found."

It is helpful to learn the basics of JavaScript even if you don't want to be fluent in the language; you may want to explain what you want a script to do to a developer.

Where Can You Learn JavaScript?

Primarily because JavaScript is the first programming language introduced to beginners, there are many places to learn JavaScript

You can learn JavaScript by using books like Eloquent JavaScript. You can also get interactive courses on online learning platforms and also join a coding or JavaScript class.

Regular Expression

What Is Regular Expression?

Regular expression, also known as RegEx, is a sequence of characters suitable for defining a search pattern. RegEx expresses how a computer program should look for every specified pattern in a text.

Why Is RegEx Useful In PPC?

Google supports regular expressions. Using the RegEx feature helps you find whatever you are looking for faster.

For instance, if you want to find all visits from branded items for PPC Hero, start by creating a custom filter setting a regular expression for all brand keywords. The filter will return keywords that contain "ppchero" or "ppc hero." Also, the pipe character means "or" in the RegEx command.

It is important to note that RegEx in Google Analytics is beneficial when setting up custom reports and defining goals.

Where Can You Learn RegEx?

Learning regular expressions is relatively straightforward. To get started, you only need to memorize few key characters. You can also check out guides that will help you understand how all regular expressions function and examples of their usage.

RegExr is highly recommended for building and testing regular expressions. The function helps confirm if your RegEx code matches what it is intended to do.

RegEx is one of the basic skills every PPC marketers should have, discover more about PPC marketing factors to look in when choosing a consultant in this article:


What is XPath?

XPath is a query language that helps you select nodes from an XML document. Although XPath is a little similar to regular expressions, it is designed to choose elements from XML or HTML documents.

Why Is XPath Useful In PPC?

XPath helps scrape website content that is necessary for building campaigns in Excel. For instance, if you want a list of every brand your client sells and a link to the landing page of each brand, it can be pretty tedious to do this manually for clients with hundreds of brands.

Fortunately, XPath can scrape off all information in few seconds. Although you can use a chrome plugin, Google sheets allow importing data with XPath using the IMPORTXML formula. After using the XPath code to select every brand and its matching URL, copy and paste in Excel to start working on your campaigns.

Where Can You Learn XPath?

XPath is simple to learn, just like regular expressions. Nevertheless, XPath can be a bit tricky than regular expressions because it requires a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Only knowledge of a few basic commands is necessary to get started.

To Wrap Things Up

Having basic coding skills can improve the quality of your PPC campaigns and increase conversions. There are several coding skills you may learn to become a better PPC specialist.


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