When Cheap Hosting Is a Great Solution for Your Project

Hosting is a recurring expense which needs to be readjusted with the growth of your business. In this article, you will learn more about how cheap hosting can be a great solution for your project. Know how it helps you balance your budget and grow your business judiciously.

One of the crucial things to do when creating a website is adjusting your budget with the right web hosting. To help with budget considerations, you can opt for cheap options. With its many features, cheap hosting provides both the value for money and quality.
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Cheap Doesn't Mean Bad

Cheap hosting can offer great features. Choosing the right option requires an understanding of how the features can benefit you. To help with that, we've listed these few things to look for when selecting your web hosting:

Storage and Bandwidth

Storage is the amount of space you have to store data on the server, like HTML files, website scripts, and images. Bandwidth is the size of data transfer allowed between your server to a client. Both are crucial to ensure your website can store more information and run smoothly.

For a small website or blog, you need 10 GB of storage space and a range of 5 to 10 GB of bandwidth. Bigger projects will need a larger storage space and bandwidth. However, plans already include adequate storage and bandwidth as a starting point.

Read thoroughly about how much storage and bandwidth you're getting before choosing your cheap hosting provider.

99% + Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time whenever your website is online and available. Most plans guarantee a 99% uptime, and you shouldn't settle for less.

Higher uptime leads to consistent website availability that contributes to a higher ranking. It also leads to building your customer's trust, especially when a purchase is happening on an e-commerce website.

Your host solution can be cheap while still providing a 99% uptime for your website. One example of a good hosting provider is https://www.hostinger.in/web-hosting that ensures 99%+ uptime in all of their plans.

Fast Load Times

Websites with slow loading times can damage their reputation, increase bounce rate, and lose visitors' interests. Avoid it by choosing the right website hosting provider. Fast loading times makes sure your website functions properly and has a seamless user journey.

The loading time for most websites ranges from 0.8 to 2.9 seconds. Longer than the range, the bounce rate gets higher because most visitors lose interest. So select an option that offers a fast loading time.

Many cheap providers include a fast loading time with a speed worth the price you're paying.
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Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support are just as crucial as the plan you're choosing. The support includes daily updates, maintenance of your site, upgrading your storage or plans, and typically available 24/7.

Customer support also helps when you want to upgrade your resources. Cheap hosting includes the same customer support as other types, so ensure that it's available before purchasing.

Reading about reviews from other customers can tell you a lot about the hosting provider you're choosing. You'll also be able to narrow down your options and pick the best.

Money-Back Guarantee

A good provider guarantees your money back if the service doesn't live up to expectations or if you change your mind. While the money-back guarantee only works for a certain period, cheap hosting plans still include this for its users.

The guarantee will give an extra sense of comfort or security, especially when you're not confident enough with the choices.

In Some Cases Which Cheap Hosting Is a Wise Choice

After understanding the capabilities of cheap hosting, let's discuss when it can be a wise choice for you. There are five case examples we're highlighting, which are:

If You Are Just Starting Out

As a beginner, you'd want a simple solution that caters to your needs with minimum hassle, and cheap options is the answer to this. It provides a quick activation, so you can have your website up and running in no time.

If possible, choose the provider that offers a website builder. You can get your website settled within the same platform. Most website builders come with a beginner-friendly interface, so starting out can be easier for you.

When You Need a Staging or Test Website

Before you truly settle on a long-term option, you can opt for something to help you learn about its features, reliability, price, or support.

Cheap hosting is an excellent solution for website testing. It's because some providers include a one-click WordPress activation that accommodates the needs for web customization and PHP or cPanel.

If Your Website Will Intentionally Receive Low Traffic

Choosing cheap options is the best solution for low-traffic websites. The reason is that low-traffic sites don't need large storage or bandwidth. If you intend to have low traffic, then iti will be worth the spending and saving you more money.

If You Just Need a Resume or Portfolio Page

Portfolio pages are mostly static with one-way communication and low traffic numbers, so using a cheap hosting is a good investment. In addition, choosing this for your portfolio page ensures that you won't waste any resources.

If You Are a Student

For students completing online projects, affordable provides useful technical features and support. In addition to the website builder, it includes a customized domain name that helps with any academic needs.

In Conclusion

Choosing affordable providers is definitely a feasible option for your business that allows you to save more. This article discussed cheap hosting with its many features that are worth considering. In addition, it also mentioned the cases when this kind of option is the best solution for your website.

From storage size to money-back guarantee, cheaper options work for beginners, small businesses, testing purposes, websites with low traffic, portfolio pages, or students.

We hope this article can help encourage you to consider affordable services as the solution to your project.


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