6 Top React Features Make it Different for Development

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook used for building UI. it is typically utilized for building single-page applications. you'll additionally use it for creating cross-platform applications, which suggests that it may also be rendered on the server-side beside engaged on the client-side.

Currently, ReactJS gaining fast popularity because of the best JavaScript framework among web developers. it's enjoying an important role within the front-end system. The vital options of ReactJS are as following.

One-way Data Binding
Virtual DOM

1. JSX

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. it's a JavaScript syntax extension. Its an XML or HTML like syntax utilized by ReactJS. This syntax is deal with into JavaScript calls of React Framework. It extends the ES6 so HTML like text will co-exist with JavaScript react code. it's not necessary to use JSX, but it's suggested to use it in ReactJS.

2. Components

ReactJS is all concerning parts. ReactJS application is created of multiple parts, and every element has its own logic and controls. These parts are often reusable that assist you to take care of the code once engaged on a larger scale comes.

3. One-way Data Binding

ReactJS is meant in such a way that follows unidirectional data flow or one-way data binding. the advantages of unidirectional data binding provide you with higher management throughout the applying. If the information flow is in another direction, then it needs further options. it's as a result of parts are imagined to be changeless and therefore the information at intervals they can not be modified. Flux could be a pattern that helps to stay your data unidirectional. This makes applying a lot of versatile that results in increased potency.

4. Virtual DOM

A virtual DOM object could be an illustration of the initial DOM object. It works sort of a one-way data binding. Whenever any modifications happen within the internet application, the complete UI is re-rendered in virtual DOM illustration. Then it checks the distinction between the previous DOM illustration and new DOM. Once it's done, the important DOM can update only the items that have really modified. This makes the applying quicker, and there's no wastage of memory.

5. Simplicity

ReactJS uses the JSX file that makes applying easy and to code also as perceive. we all know that ReactJS could be a component-based approach that makes the code reusable as you want. This makes it easy to use and learn.

6. Performance

ReactJS is understood to be an excellent entertainer. This feature makes it far better than different frameworks out there these days. the rationale behind this can be that it manages a virtual DOM. The DOM could be a cross-platform and programming API that deals with HTML, XML or XHTML. The DOM exists entirely in memory. because of this, once we produce a part, we tend to didn't write on to the DOM. Instead, we tend to are writing virtual parts which will become the DOM resulting in sander and quicker performance.

Conclusion - Most useful features of ReactJS:

At the end of this article, we get details to overview of top features of ReactJS which make it different from other, ReactJS uses the newest technologies that help developers for a better experience in development. React is backed by skilled developers from Facebook who incessantly explore ways in which to enhance it. React provides the React Native platform which might be used for developing native-rendered apps for iOS and android through an identical React element model. Hire ReactJS Developers in India & build customized web & mobile application development having the great features of React JS


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