Top JavaScript Frameworks that are trending in 2019!

The popularity of JavaScript Frameworks are increasing and more developers are relying on JavaScript Frameworks for their projects. This article will discuss the top JavaScript Frameworks that are trending in 2019

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Most web developers prefer to use a framework since they are more adaptable for web design. When we integrate a collection of components that can produce a reusable architecture for a group of related applications, we call that collection a Framework. Web Developers can easily manipulate the functions in javascript and can use it conveniently with the help of a Javascript framework. So Javascript frameworks are very beneficial for a offshore software development company to complete their development services just like Firmware Program and Electronic designs are prerequisites for embedded engineer for hire. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the top JavaScript Frameworks that are trending in 2019!

Top Javascript Frameworks 2019


Static HTML websites have become a fairy tale with the arrival of Angular. Angular dominates all the other JavaScript frameworks lists that are available currently in our tech market. Web developers can build highly responsive front-end web applications with Angular. Angular allows developers to build single-page applications such as Gmail, Maps, Twitter, etc. Angular is for sure the best JavaScript Framework that is trending in 2019.

What makes Angular a popular JS Framework?

The main reason that makes Angular so popular among JavaScript developers is that it is a product of Google itself and it's free of cost. Google also provides updates frequently, which can contribute to the improvement of its overall performance.

1. TypeScript
TypeScript is one of the fastest-growing languages and many web developers across the globe love using it. Web developers will find coding easier when they use Angular since it uses TypeScript as its core language. The biggest advantage of Typescript is its remarkable tooling ability. Web developers can employ advanced tools such as refactoring, sophisticated autocompletion, and navigation for large web development projects. Better documentation for APIs can be made when using TypeScript since it will be always in sync with the source code.

2. Material Design
The material design interface of Angular is so popular among web developers and they are always updating it by incorporating new material design components to their framework. The material design incorporates a centralized system of interactive, motion, and visual design. This design can adapt to different screen sizes of multiple devices.

3. Two-way data binding
Most frameworks do data binding in only one direction, whereas Angular does this differently. Angular synchronizes the view and model components during the data binding process. Potential errors can be significantly reduced because of its two-way data binding that enables singular behavior for the application.


React lands to the second place of our list of top JavaScript frameworks 2019. React was created by Facebook solely for the creation of user interfaces. The competition between React and Angular is so fierce that React is expected to gain extremely high popularity among all the frameworks in the coming years. The modular structure of React makes it easy for Web developers to maintain web applications that are built on React. Web developers can blindly choose this framework if they want to build user-friendly and compelling web apps. The engineers who built React made it highly fast, more scalable, and simple. You can go for React If you want to build large web applications without annoying page reloadings.

What makes React a popular JS Framework?

Web developers can develop UI components that are highly reusable with this framework. When compared to other JavaScript Frameworks, Coding in React is much more clear and simple.

1. Virtual DOM
With ReactJS, web developers can build highly scalable web applications. React achieves this by using a virtual DOM (Document Object Model). A virtual DOM is a regular Javascript object that can be constantly manipulated and updated, without using regular DOM APIs.

2. Code Reusability
Web developers will be able to build "components"( pieces of code) that can be repeated across different web pages using React. The chances of bugs and errors can be eliminated with the reusable react components and it can also improve the readability of the code.

3. Easy Learning Curve
The main difference of React, when compared to other frameworks is that it is a javascript library rather than a javascript framework. Hence, understanding React is way easier when compared to other comprehensive libraries.


This JavaScript framework mainly focusses on the view layer of the web application. That is why engineers who developed this framework named it as VueJS. We can build interactive user interfaces with this progressive javascript framework.

The main advantages of using Vue.JS

The main advantage of using this javascript framework is its less size. Web development with VueJS will be pretty fast due to its light ecosystem.

1.Simple Syntax
Vue has a simple and clear syntax. This enables web developers to build large scale templates. Easy code reusability is one of the main pros of using this framework.
Its simpler structure allows Web developers to easily trace the blocks that are having errors.

2. Easy Integration
Web developers can easily integrate the interactive part of the web application to the existing infrastructure with Vue.
Web developers can also integrate Vue.js into other applications built on JavaScript.

3. Progressive framework
Vue is known as a progressive framework because it can adapt to the specific need of the Web developer.

Hope you get a better idea about top javascript frameworks 2019. So hire one of the best software outsourcing companies in India who have well knowledge about javascript frameworks that can give you quality web development service.


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