The 6 Most Desirable Web Design Skills In 2019

There is no way one could truly master web designing. Every other day a new trend or practice comes along and now designers are faced with the new task of learning it. This constant process of learning can be attributed to two reasons: the rapid advancement of internet and ever increasing competition.

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There is no way one could truly master web designing. Every other day a new trend or practice comes along and now designers are faced with the new task of learning it. This constant process of learning can be attributed to two reasons: the rapid advancement of internet and ever increasing competition.
Nobody can stop the development of the internet. However, you can stay ahead of this all by constantly honing your skills and keeping them updated with the changing times. With that being said, you do not want to start 2019 with stale web designing skills. So, here is a list of the most desirable web design skills that will be highly appreciated in the coming year!

1. Artificial Design Intelligence

Artificial Design Intelligence is an intelligence system that identifies and implements the latest web design practices. In simpler terms, it is something that can create and design websites without any human involvement. Just tell the AI what you want and it will deliver.
Generally, when anyone needs a website designed, that individual either hire a skilled designer or seeks the services of a web design company. for assistance. With ADI, the search is cut short because it understands the designing principles, observes the existing trends and produces a functional design completely devoid of human interference. With that being said, ADI will never replace the need for human designers as someone would still be required to create a program that would facilitate AI's functioning.
This idea has been in development in the last few years, and only a few companies have put it into action. But be prepared to see a lot of AI influences on the web designing in 2019.

2. Mobile Responsive Design

With 79% population relying on internet usage through mobiles, you must be thinking that every web designer must have a mobile-responsive design as a priority, right? Wrong!
Many web designers still continue to provide their users with a desktop website that functions poorly on a mobile screen. Considering this information, you will see a lot of people emphasizing the advantages of the mobile first design. So in 2019, web designing skills that cater to mobile users will still be a major trend.

Every designer has had a common understanding of starting the designing process from desktops and then moving on to the mobile version. But with the mobile first design, designers have to start with a clean slate which means that they have to ditch desktop websites in favor of mobile responsive design!
Having a mobile-first or responsive design will not only affect your search rankings but it will positively impact users experience as well. So, consider this a motivation enough and dedicate your next year to having such designing skills that make mobile responsive design a possibility.

3. Animation

What used to be a 'cuteness' factor, has now turned into a strategic skill that enhances the user experience. Long gone are the days when websites provided attractive content in a stable manner. Because people are now opting for animation skills that make their content appear lively.

The animation is more than just the incorporation of visuals and graphics. It is a method of relying on visual elements to draw all the user attention towards important information. Additionally, here is how animation skills can be of further assistance:
• It communicates your message effectively. This is because animated visuals deliver information more effectively than images or words.
• It enhances the mobile experience. By relying on animation gestures, you can provide users with the impression that they are interacting with real objects.
• Loading is never fun but you can incorporate interactive animation to make loading time bearable. (Remember T-Rex offline game for Chrome?)
There are many other animations uses for web designs. The bottom line is that people are no longer thrilled with a boring website. They want interactive content and this is exactly what animation offers. So, hire web programmers who are fluent in JavaScript and CSS coding to achieve a perfect design.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a sophisticated language that is still popular among world-class back-end as well as front-end designers. JavaScript works alongside HTML and CSS, knowledge of which is also mandatory when it comes to web designing skills.
Additionally, JavaScript helps the programmer in designing interactive and responsive websites. Also, it is extensively used to create APIs, scrolling abilities, and provide a web experience that compels visitors to come back. Because of this, JavaScript along with HTML and CSS will never go out of fashion.

5. SEO

The constant updates in Google's algorithm are made to assess every website so that they could be ranked accordingly. Every web designer dreams of securing the top position at the SERPs which bring us to the next point: SEO.
It does not matter if it is 2005 or 2019, users have always appreciated websites that deliver the right information. Because of this having the knowledge of such designing skills that pay off in terms of SEO as well, will be greatly appreciated in the coming years. But that is not all as Google constantly sets new SEO terms in each of its algorithms. Because of this, you may need to polish your skills every other week to secure a better ranking.

6. UX Designs

Providing a great user experience (UX) is what every designer hopes of achieving while designing a website. But only a handful of designers understand the efforts required to achieve this step. To achieve a good UX, you need to research your users, conduct online surveys and create a user persona. This helps you in understanding how a user thinks while navigating your website.
Google accounts for good user experience while ranking websites. So it is mandatory to achieve such web designing skills that help with the user experience which ultimately leads to high conversion rates!


With 2019 in full swing, web designers are directing their attention towards captivating visuals, entertaining videos and interesting website layouts to grab attention. However, grabbing attention should not be your sole attention. Often designers lay a web of lies which easily captivate attention. However, if we have learned anything from the previous year that is that people hate fake culture.
Keeping this in mind, always design websites that strive hard to stay relevant while providing comfort at the same time. Lastly, 2019 is going to be all about respecting users' time and providing them with services that fulfill their needs. You can achieve just that by keeping the points that we mentioned above in full practice!


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