EZTalks - The Ultimate Free Video conferencing software review

Read the review of a premium quality free video conferencing software available for both personal and professional conferencing needs - EZTalks. See if it performs up to its name to ease your experience of chatting online or not in our review.

Introducing EZTalks

Those who are frequently in need of meeting people for business purposes, Video Conferencing has become one of the best things that technology has provided them with. Without the necessity of dedicating a good amount of time in travelling and attending meetings, people can come from different corners of the world and make a conference more productive without spending much effort for it. Video Conferencing allows people to be together at their own convenient place, improving performance and more importantly, their productivity.

Whether you have experienced video conferencing beforehand or are looking to try it out now, this article can help you out with some significant information about the different features, functionality, pros and cons of one of the latest video conferencing software that has wooed the market and can work wonders for improving the productivity of your business calls.
It's not only for dry office uses that this software can work for you, a jovial hangout with friends can be equally done through this program, where you can talk hours together feeling the virtual presence of your friends without having to bother about expenditures of any kind. However, while most tools might be good enough for a chat with your friends, very few are there which you will feel like using for a professional purpose. Having such a video conferencing tool which can work in both the scenarios satisfactorily is undoubtedly worth having.

The real functionality test happens when it comes to multi-tasking during a conference call. Whichever app or software can accommodate call scheduling, video recording, high quality audio and video output, allow screen and file sharing, and also provides for holding private and public conversations simultaneously is what I was looking for.

What I found after an extensive search for a software that offers this high quality package from the huge list of apps and software is EZTalks. Literally speaking. it made my video conferencing much more easier than before. The good news doesn't end there, what will push you to experience it is that they have made the usage of EZTalks FREE of cost, albiet it is only three of you who want to do a conference. So in this way you get ample scope to try out the pack before you are all at the same opinion of giving it a go for your company.

Cool Features of Eztalks

HD quality

EZTalks is really good in maintaining their call quality. Whether you are logging in from your laptop, desktop or your smartphone, it provides equal support of 16 HD video conference streams with a high voice quality. The best way to enjoy the benefits of EZTalks is to have a high speed internet connection, which allows as many number of people to join the conversation as you need. Apart from that I have personally enjoyed the performance of EZTalk when we were anxiously moving forward for an urgent board meeting with 3 people sitting in geographically far away locations. It saves our time, money and energy by pushing all the peripheral issues aside and letting us focus mainly on our productive conversation.

Sharing files and apps

It is not only that you can share documents, photos, excel files or a presentation but you can also share almost any type of file which you need to transfer using EZTalks except the executable ones. If you want to share your desktop screen with your colleagues or need to work on a white board you can go ahead with EZTalks and explain each and every thing with the same clarity which you would have done being physically present there. Moreover, one can also choose to share applications directly from the desktop with the team members while using the app. EZTalks has the options of annotations, a nice drawing board to ensure all the facilities without struggling within irritating boundaries.

Scheduling Meetings

To coordinate better, EZTalks has made the provision for creating schedules for meetings which need to be held at regular intervals You can schedule daily or weekly sync up meetings and for those sudden urgent meetings that don't allow much time, you can immediately launch a meeting and invite participants through email or SMS. The participants won't even be prompted for password. All you need to have at that point of time is the meeting number.

Private and Public Chats

Keeping in mind the several planes of necessities, EZTalk comes with an option that while you are in between a public conversation talking live to all the conference attendees, you can also choose the private chat option within the same window to send a private text message to a particular person using EZTalks itself.

Say, you may need to explain something more intricately or explicitly to a particular member in privacy; to keep the flow of the public conversation ON without interrupting it with individual queries and diverting topic, you can choose the Private and Public Chat options in the same window to do a private, one on one talk.

Storing Data

EZTalks has made itself all the more useful by giving you the access to its online storage. The free plan gets you 1 GB of online storage which is quite sufficient for sharing files with your team members instantly. If you need to share a file right in the middle of a conference call you can just share the file there itself to respond to urgent situations.

Free Forever

EZTalks is forever free for 3 users. So those who need to be in touch with their family and friends too often and need to use it only for personal usage, you need worry about purchasing it. The high class features are completely free, so one can continue using EZTalks without being worried about the "trial period" as there isn't ANY. People with part time professions like online private tutors, counselors and legal advisors can make their business sitting at home without investing in a single penny.

EZTalks Premium plans

Using EZTalks for more than 3 people needs you to subscribe to the premium plans which are available according to your requirement of how many people you would be having in a conference. There are Premium 10, Premium 30, Premium 50 and Premium 100 plans, where the count stands for the number of people you need to be joining the conference. For more than 100 people you need to contact he EZTalks customer support where they are out to help you. The price division is based on the number of persons using it, which is really a very cost effective strategy both for users and EZTalks. When you compare it with other such tools, they offer categories like free, Pro and Premium which are quite vague in the sense that they offer very less options to you as a customer to pay only for what you need.

To be on the safe side, it is always recommendable that the prices offered by EZTalks competitors need be compared. It so happened that during such a comparative search I came to know that EZTalks is quite affordable and reasonably rated as per the facilities it is offering now.

AnyMeeting, a similar video conferencing software is asking for $18 per month for hosting 30 people on their tool whereas EZTalks is only $16.99 per month and they also offer a $14 monthly for the annual plan!

Comparing with Lync

If you are already a professional in a big firm chances are you are already using Lync, a Microsoft software that offers a lot of tools for online chats, both word and video. Lync offers video calls, along with screen sharing, remote controlling and scheduling of meetings, but is limited only to this, they don't have any feature like the live drawing board of EZTalks to explain points within the call itself, they also don't provide any free storage and there you need to switch to another window in order to chat privately with another person while a Conference call is being held. EZTalks boasts top position in almost all product review websites across the world.

Now avail a huge discount as 50 for Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual plan (10/30/50/100 users annual package) with coupon code EZTalks-Tech-50 which is valid up to June 10.

Till 100 selectable hosts, please click here (please see the detailed guide at the end of the article) to get detailed guide as to how to get the coupon code work. If you still have any problem, please feel free to contact eztalks at support@eztalks.com

Customer Care / Support

EZTalks gives 24/7 customer support where you can contact the executives at any point of time online to get direct solution for your queries, say any bug which might trouble you and limit your activities which would have been really necessary in a conference call. Just ping them up and you would find a responsive help the other side.

Final Thoughts

After my personal usage of all these software, in my opinion EZTalk is right now above its competitors. With EZTalks, video conferencing has reached the next stage for which we all were waiting for.

Step by step guide to avail a 50% discount on EZTalks Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual Plan

Premium 10 Annual Plan (e.g)
Step 1: Go to https://www.eztalks.com/shop/index
Step 2: Click on "Buy Now" in the Premium 10 page to go to the following interface:
Click on Buy Now EZTalks under Premium listing
Step 3: Change to Other Plans
Select the plan
Now, click on "Change to Annual Plan" to switch to another annual plan, or else, you will get redirected to a monthly plan.

Step 4: Enter your Coupon Code and apply on the Selected plan
Once you enter the coupon code and apply, you get 100% discount
Step 5: Security Checkout
Click on the "Security Checkout" and follow the steps to finish the payment process.

Note: You can round up the payment directly if you have already registered on EZTalk's official website, in other case, you have to register and go through the payment process next to it.

Note: The coupon code for Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual Plan 50% discount is EZTalks-Tech-50, would be valid until June 15, 2015. Check out more details at EZTalks.


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Great! If this is absolutely free, I would like to try this in my upcoming event

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