Abbreviations for IT - Related (Software) and Dotnet Related Keyword

In this Article, I am going to explain about Abbreviations for IT - Related (Software) and Dotnet Related Keyword and Name space of keyword in C# server side code . I have post source which is given below.

Some Famous Abbreviations

1.OOPS:- Stands for Object Oriented Programming System
2.AJAX :- Stands for AsynchronousJavascript And Xml
3.XML : - Stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML)
4.SQL :- Stands for Structured Query Language
5.MVC:- Stands for Model View Controller
6.PL :- Stands for Presentation Layer
7.BLL:- Stands for Business Logic Layer.
8.DLL:- Stands for Data Access Layer.
9.CSS:- Stands for Cascading Style Sheets
10.LINQ:- Stands for Language Integrated Query
11.TSQL:- Stands for Transact-Structured Query Language
12.MVVM :- Stands for Model View View-Model
13.MDF:- Stands for Master Database File
14.NDF:- Stands for Named Data File
15.LDF:- Stands for Log Data File
16. DLR:- Stands for DynamicLanguage Runtime
17. CLR:- Stands for CommonLanguage Runtime
18.WCF :- Stands for Windows Communication Foundation
19.WPF :- Stands for Windows Presentation Foundation
20.ASMX stands for Active Server Methods (Microsoft filename extension)
21.Internet Information Services (IIS).
22.SVC - Simple Visual Compiler file
23.SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
24.TCP-IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
25.TELNET - Telecommunications Network / Terminal Emulation Link Network
26.Vb- Visual Basic
27.REST - Representational State Transfer
28.WSDL- stands for Web Services Description Language
29.HTML - hypertext markup language
30.MDB stands for Microsoft Access databases

DNS:- Stands for Dot Net Spider.

I have explain Some famous Namespace and Usage

SqlConnection --> Sqlconnection for we can use Established the connection from C# to Sql Server
SqlCommand --> Pass the Sql Command from C# to Sql Server
SqlCommand --> Pass the Sql Command from C# to Sql Server
ExecuteNonQuery--> Execute to Database from C# to Sql Server
list Object--> Namespace for List Object System.Collections.Generic;
Datatable--> Namespace for Datatable System.Data;
Dataset--> Namespace for Dataset System.Data;
OLEDB --> Namespace for Oledb using System.Data.OleDb;


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Let me include few abbreviations.

ADO: Activex Data Object.
FCL: Framework Class Library.
MSIL: Microsoft Intermediate Language.
CTS: Common Type System.
CLS: Common Language Specification.
CAS: Code Access Security.
GAC: Global Assembly Cache.
DLL: Dynamic Link Library.
UDDI: Universal Description Discovery & Integration.
LINQ: Language Integrated Query.
JSON: Java Script Object Notation.
DOM: Document Object Model.
XAML: Extensible Application Markup Language.
XSLT: Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations.

DNS Member.

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Let me include few more multimedia file abbreviations.

VGA: Video Graphics Array.
AVI: Audio Video Interleaved.
JPG: Joint Photographic Group.
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group.
MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group.
PNG: Portable Network Graphics.
GIF: Graphic Interchange Format.
BMP: BitMap.

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