.net interview questions for 3+ years experience

hi i attended few interviews on Microsoft Technologies like asp.net,c#.net,ado.net and sql server. I would like to share all at one place. The questions which i faced, asked by different organizations for 3+ years experience on .net.

Marlabs - Feb 2015

1.What are delegates? Explain with example?
2.Types of session modes and advantages over one another?
3.Explain the page life cycle and page load events?
4.Difference between Response.Redirect,Server.Transfer and Response.RedirectPermanently?
5.What are the new features of asp.net 4.0, which you used in your project?
6.What all have you written in your web.config file in recent project?
7.What is the folder structure of your project?

IBM - Telephonic - Feb 2015

1.What is abstraction and encapsulation?
2.Can one class have more than one parent class?
3.What are value types and reference types, where they are stored?
4.Have u used yield and params keywords? Explain their use?
5.What is DOM in javascript and dictionary in c#?
6.Difference between protected,internal and protected internal?
7.Explain page life cycle?
8.Difference between dataset and data reader?
9.Difference between groupby and orderby clauses in sql server?

Jayem Records and Data - Mar 2015

1.What are the access modifiers present in c#?
2.Why we should use abstract class than a normal class?
3.What is partial class, why do we use them?
4.Difference between array,arraylist and generics?
5.What is viewstate and session state?
6.What is update panel?
7.What are indexes ? Types of indexes?
8.Write a query to return duplicates and count of their occurrences?


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