Dot Net 3.6 Years of Experience Interview Questions

Hai Friends, Recently i have attended one interview and i have share my interview experience very happily with you. This experience will use you for your future for many interviews. All the Best my Friends

These are first two questions in technical round
1. What are the technologies you are used ?
2 .How many projects you have worked on with client names on which technology?

after that the interviewer asked on these questions.
total Duration 1:40 mins. (Technical round only)

in Asp.Net
What is the use of session state and application state and difference between them?
ASP Page life cycle events ?
Use gloabl.asax file
How to handle sessions ?
How to handle application level errors?
How to handle method level errors?
Can i use more than one web.config file in solution?
Can i use more than one web.config file in project?
What is view state?
What is cookies ? use of cookiless session ?
Session modes ?
What is the use of rendering event ?
Diff between datagrid and gridview in ?
How to get values using javascript and jquery?
How to call client side functions using javascript and jquery
How to stop/ kill the session?
How to write ajax calling using jquery ?
Use of globalization and localization ?
Difference between user control and custom control ?
How to call Master Page methods in our web page ?
Diff between .ascx and .asmx ?
Diff types of validations ?
What is update panel ?
How to register user control in web page ?

in C#
Assembly types and how to create assembly and how to create strong name ?
Diff between interface and abstract and virtual?
static polymorphism and dynamic polymorphism?
Late binding and early binding ?
What is inheritance and types of inheritance?
When you used interface in your application ?
How t use abstract class in your application ?
What is function overloading and function overriding?
What is the use of new key word ?
Use of const, readonly ?
What is GAC ?
Diff between finalize and dispose ?
Use of stack and heap ?
How to create object to abstract class ?
How to write multiple inheritance ? \
Difference between string and stringBuilder ?
What is Delegate ?
What is anonymus Functions ?

in SQL Server

What is procedure and function . What is the difference ?
What is DDL and DML ?
Can we write nested procedures if yes how to write and execute?
How to write transactions?
What is the trigger and types? How to Write Triggers?
Use of triggers
What is the Courser and use?
What is the CTE ?

in WCF
How to consume WCFservice in our application?
How to get json data using WCF service ?
Different contracts in wcf
What is ABC?
What is mexhttp bindng?
Binding types in WCF?
Modes in WCF?
How many types of Hosting in WCF service ?
What is SOAP ?
Which namespace is used for XML Serialization ?

then next Round is Project Manager Round. in this round the interviewer focused not only on projects but also some real time questions . it took nearly (1:20 min Manager round only)

These are first two questions in project manager round
1. What are the technologies you are used ?
2 .How many projects you have worked on with client names on which technology and explain any two projects briefly ?

in Manager Round the interview asked these questions..

I have one WCF service with 5 methods ? how to give 2 methods to client 1 and remaining three to client 2 . How to restrict access the remaining 3 methods to client 1 and same as client 2 the remaining 2 methods ?
When we use Message Contract ?
How to use Shared assembly ?
How to show second 100 records to client ?
How to get data from web.config
Diff between web.confing and app.config ?
I have wrote one method with try catch block. in try block i have write int a = 100 / 0 ; , but there is no "dividebyzero exception" in catch block. how to throw that exception to catch block ?
what is Collections ? diff between List and IEnumarable ?

Previously i have worked on Silverlight technology with MVVM pattern. The interviewer asked me questions on that project and that MVVM pattern and also asked two to three questions on HTML and CSS. i can't remember these questions thats why i didn' write.

if you have any concerns please let me know.

Nanda Kishore.CH


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