What is iMacros and how to install it ?

In a shell, it's the world's initial browser-based macro recorder. It permits you to simply record internet aquatics and replay it.The web browser is perhaps the foremost oftentimes used software system nowadays, however several tasks ar repetitious: checking on identical sites everyday, memory passwords, submitting to look engines or testing websites over and once more. With iMacros, you record these tasks once and so let iMacros execute them whenever you wish them.

The web browser is perhaps the foremost oftentimes used software system nowadays, however several tasks ar repetitious: checking on identical sites everyday, memory passwords, submitting to look engines or testing websites over and once more. With iMacros, you record these tasks once and so let iMacros execute them whenever you wish them.

Any combination of browsing, type filling, clicking and knowledge gathering are often recorded into a macro and iMacros even assists you throughout the recording with visual feedback.
Do you have to be compelled to extract tariffs, stock data or the other information from websites?

iMacros will do that for you. It submits information from a file to an internet site and stores the result from the web site in a very document. No programming skills required!
Do you have to be compelled to take a look at websites automatically?

Have you ever spent hours browsing your web site to re-test it once a change? Our advanced customary and Enterprise Editions will automatise virtually any quite internet regression and verification testing for you!
How will iMacros Enterprise Edition compare to superstar capture/replay internet take a look at software system on the market?

iMacros Enterprise Edition with success competes with web site testing software system priced over US$ thirty,000 for less than a fraction of the cost! additionally, the Enterprise Edition permits you to interface iMacros with the well-documented Windows Scripting Host (included in Windows), Visual Basic or the other programing language that runs below Windows. is usually|this can be} a vital feature for totally automating any given task and is often missing in way more high-priced software system.
What will iMacros™ do for you?

The following list ar just some samples of several potentialities. It will do (almost) everything that you simply will do with an online browser!
If you utilize the web human Plug-In, it will do the following:

mechanically complete forms.
Auto-login to your webmail (and, if you would like, additionally write and send the e-mail for you!).
Navigate advanced websites repeatedly while not user intervention.
clear, transferrable macro files: record on one laptop, replay on the other laptop that has iMacros put in. In distinction, Microsoft's AutoComplete entries cannot be derived from one laptop to a different.
Secure storage of passwords mistreatment the business customary 256-bit AES encoding rule. AES is additionally utilized by U.S. Government organizations to guard sensitive data.
Keep your privacy: not like another type filling tools, iMacros doesn't send any information back to U.S.A.. All information is simply hold on on your native laptop.
Share your macros together with your colleagues and increase productivity for your whole organization.

If you're an online skilled and use the quality Edition, it will do the following:

Regression take a look at whole areas of advanced websites at the clicking of a button.
automatise your computer program submissions, manage Google and Overture Pay per Click computer program listings and biddings mechanically, extract data from websites, question on-line databases and transfer the results mechanically.
web Monitoring: watch your data processor and warn you if the macro encountered a haul on your data processor. In distinction to plain web observance services, iMacros will take a look at on-line varieties of any quality (e.g. produce take a look at orders in a web store) as well as Java and Macromedia Flash based mostly components.
live data processor response times with the stopo watch command to make performance statistics.
Avoid difficult Perl scripts, Cron jobs, grep, sed, awk, lwp and different long UNIX operating system tools and commands. additionally, none of those tools have the wide practicality that iMacros has!
iMacros are often set to simulate web human (IE) fully. during this mode, it's unfeasible in any respect for an online server to differentiate between a standard (human) user and therefore the iMacros automaton.
Extract any table directly into a comma-separated text (CSV) file. These files are often browse by virtually any programme software system, as well as stand out.
iMacros supports websites supported Java applets or Flash (the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in).
Supports XHTML.

If you're an online skilled or a software system developer and use the Enterprise Edition, it will do the following:

Extract information from sites (web queries).
internet modify your application in five minutes.
you only need to write a macro and decision the iMacros program line or Scripting interface. iMacros will the rest!
Use iMacros as a web agent, automaton or spider.
Add "web surfing" and "web query" capability to your Windows Scripts.
Ship iMacros together with your application. A royalty-free distribution license is out there for an occasional price (iMacros Player).

You don't have time to make iMacros yourself?

You need a lot of difficult web functions automated? we tend to produce customised solutions for you supported our victory innovative software system. Please raise or a free quote!
System needs

The totally different iMacros editions have different system needs. Please see the transfer page for details.
Good reasons to use iOpus iMacros
Save time

iOpus iMacros helps you perform your internet chores faster. Downloading, information entry and data processor testing - iMacros will do all that for you!
Save money

Why pay a lot of for less? iMacros is that the low price internet testing answer and it even outsmarts its U.S.A. competitors in several options. a number of the competition charges the maximum amount as $30,000 and still has less capabilities than iMacros!

You will produce your initial web Macro in but a minute! No different internet automation software system is that simple to use.

Automate even the foremost difficult tasks with the Scripting Interface. Connect iMacros to your favorite programing language. Windows Scripting Host and Visual Basic example programs ar enclosed.
Document website changes

iMacros will save sites or maybe print them out directly.


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