Basics of .NET Collections in C#

In project some time we need create and manage group of related objects, For that C# have some special things is know as collection.In collection we have Generic also its intro in C#2.0 This Article may useful for know the Collection in C#.

A collection is a set of similarly typed objects that are grouped together.

1. ArrayList : Array of objects whose size is dynamically increased as required.

ArrayList obj = new ArrayList();

ForEach(object O in obj)

2. HashTable : Its have unique value store in the key and value.

Hashtable hash = new hashtable();

Hash.Add( 1,"rathi")

3. List : Its dynamically Allocation of Array

List lt = new List();

In List We can use Tuple also for multiple parameters.

4. Dictionary : used with type parameters to store keys and values of specific types

Dictionary dict = new Dictionary();

Difference between Dictionary and Hashtable

•It returns error if we try to find a key which does not exist.
•It is faster than a Hash Table because there is no boxing and unboxing.
•Only public static members are thread safe.
•Dictionary is a generic type which means we can use it with any data type.

•It returns null if we try to find a key which does not exist.
•It is slower than dictionary because it requires boxing and unboxing.
•All the members in a Hashtable are thread safe,
•Hashtable is not a generic type,

Array: collection of datatype

Int [] num = new int[5]

5. Queue
A First in,First out of object

static void Main()
Queue collectionQueue = new Queue();
foreach (int value in collectionQueue)

6. Stack
A last in,First out in object

Static Stack GetStackList()
Stack stack = new Stack();
return stack;
static void Main()
Var Varstack = GetStackList ();
foreach (int i in Varstack)
Console.WriteLine(i +"Stack values");


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