.NET Interview Questions for 3 years of experience people?

In this article I'm trying to give you .NET Interview questions for 3 years of experience people. Up to now I attend no.of companies I got a job in 3 companies but due to package issues I rejected those. But in all places I learn at least 2 to 3 new points.

Interview Questions for 3 years of experienced people:

In this article I'm trying to give you .NET Interview questions for 3 years of experience people. Up to now I attend no.of companies I got a job in 3 companies but due to package issues I rejected those. But in all places I learn at least 2 to 3 new points. In our current organization we do some part of work but that knowledge is not enough while attending the interviews. All companies expect more from our side. For example in my current organization I didn't do anything related to IIS but when I attend the interview they are expecting IIS related question also. I gave you few questions to you, when I attend the interview these are the questions raised by interviewer. I share with you all those.


1) What is Abstract Class and when we use that?
2) What is virtual class and when we use that?
3) What is the difference between Abstract and Virtual classes in OOP's?
4) What is interface class and when we use that, why C# won't support multiple inheritances?
5) Difference between Abstract class and interface class?
6) What is static class?
7) What is oops?
8) What is sealed keyword?
9) Overloading in oops?
10) Overriding in oops?
11) Difference between struct and class?
12) Constructor?
13) Destructor?

.NET Framework:

1) Architecture of .NET Framework?
2) Architecture of CLR?
3) What is CLR?
4) What is CTS?
5) What is CLS?
6) MSIL?
7) What is JIT Compiler?
8) ASP.net Page life cycle?
9) Difference between web.config and global.asax?

State Management:

1) What is session?
2) Where the session data will be stored?
3) What are the advantages using session?
4) Drawbacks using session?
5) By default where the session objects will get stored?
6) Where does session object will stored if cookie is disabled in client machine?
7) What are session events?
8) How you can disable session state?
9) What is view state?
10) Where the view state data will be stored?
11) Advantages using view state?
12) Disadvantages using View state?
13) How to enable / Disable ViewState?
14) What is Cookie?
15) Where the Cookie data will be stored?
16) Advantages using Cookie?
17) Disadvantages using Cookie?
18) Cookie Limitations?
19) What is Caching?
20) Types of Caching?
21) Can we cache total page data?


1) Difference between DataSet and DataReader?
2) What is DataAdapter?
3) What is DataView?
4) What is Execute Reader?
5) What is Execute Scalar?
6) What is Execute NonQuery?
7) Difference between Server.Transfer, Server.Execute and Response.Redirect in ASP.net?
8) How to restrict particular person to open any form in our application?
9) Boxing and unboxing?
10) What is value type and what is Reference Type?
11) Difference between value type and reference type in ASP.net?
12) What is userControls in ASP.net?
13) Difference between Custom controls and User Controls in ASP.net?
14) What is Assembly?
15) What are the different types of Assemblies in ASP.net?
16) What is GAC?
17) Where the Physical Assembly will get stored in a project?
18) What is Satellite Assembly?
19) Different types of Navigation controls in ASP.net?
20) What is Exception Handling, How you define that in your project?
21) What is the difference between Using statement and Try, Catch blocks?


1) How to assign null value to object using C#?
2) Difference between string and stringBuilder?
3) Delegates in C#?
4) Difference between Convert.Tostring() and .Tostring() in C#?
5) Difference between Var and Dynamic types?
6) What is Generics in C#?
7) Different Types of Generics in C#?
8) Difference between Array and ArrayList in C#?

SQL Servers:

1) What are Indexes and different types of Indexes in SQL Server?
2) Difference between Stored Procedure and Functions in SQL Server?
3) Triggers in SQL Server?
4) Joins in SQL?
5) Types of joins?
6) Remove Duplicate Records from a table?
7) Display the employee name repeated more than once in a table?
8) Difference between delete and truncate in sql server?

Web Services:

1) Exceptions in WebServices?
2) How can you prevent your Web services from unauthorized access?
3) Explain the concept of Web services in brief.
4) Does a Web service have state?


1) What are the Advantages using AJAX Controls?
2) What is UpdatePanel when we use that?

Why I didn't give answers for the above questions means,
1) I took few answers from Google, if I post all those here that is violation of copy rights.
2) If I give answers too, everyone do copy and paste but during this we can't improve our knowledge. Better to search in Google, read total paragraph when you search the topic and then took useful information alone then only you can able to understand the concept properly.


Before attend the interview you just check with by yourself do you know all the above questions answers or not. If you said I'm not worked in that particular domain then they won't accept that, if you are not worked also they are expecting minimum background knowledge in that. In sometimes they are expecting definitions too, if you are explain that in practically they won't accept that.

Article by naveensanagasetti
I hope you enjoyed to read my article, If you have any queries out of this then please post your comments.

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Author: shalini rathore07 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

very helpful question to know our level befor going for interview.


Author: Pawan Awasthi29 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hai Naveen,
Thanks for posting the questions which has asked in the interviews in various companies.These questions will be helpful for those who are preparing for the interview or going to attend the interviews in the near future.

Author: Nirav Prabtani30 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hi naveen,

You have collected very useful interview question,
It will very helpful to persons who are going for an interview.
I got some points also from these.

Author: Sridhar Thota17 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi naveen.

Thanks for posting all at one place.
Any one who wants to attend interview should refer all these questions and prepare topic wise. Most of the things are covered.

Really helpful. good work.

DNS Member.

Author: Karunanidhi20 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5


Kindly add the Following Questions too,

SQl Server :
1. Why Stored Procedure need?
2. What is the main advantage and Disadvantage of Dynamic query?
3.How to track the SP Execution?
4.How to XML Conversion into Sp?
5. Whether View is Useful Or Not? If It is Useful Or No means Y?
6.What is major difference between Local temp and Global Temp?
7. Which one is Best to Use Temp table or CTE?
8.How to use Table Valued Function?
10.How to execute a query without using Select Statement?

1. How do we Use ViewState?
2.Major advantage of Hash table and Dataset and DataTable?
3.Difference between string.empty and ""?
4.How to Load Dynamic TextBox?
5.What is Default mode of Session?
6. What are the contents available in Connection String?


Author: Paul raj.S06 Mar 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

thanks Mr.Naveen .

this is very helpful for me and all.


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