iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iSkysoft Data Recovery is a software that helps recover corrupt files and data. Its a new product from the iSkysoft kitty and can support upto 50 file formats making it a one stop solution for your needs. Please read along to learn better about this this software.

You're happily sitting in front of your Mac and suddenly a meteoroid falls from the sky and causes your entire data to get corrupted!
What would you do? It won't come as a surprise if the next day's headlines say something like, "The man committed suicide on losing all his data!" Because at least, I would. However, with the iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac, I don't think there is any need to commit suicides anymore.
Yes! iSkysoft Data Recovery is your guy! It doesn't even matter how badly you have ruined your hard disk or how efficiently somebody has deleted your data, you can recover everything in the blink of an eye, thanks to this special product. Read on to find out more about the iSkysoft Data Recovery and how it works!

iSkysoft Data Recovery:

As mentioned above, it doesn't matter how or who lost your data. iSkysoft Data Recovery can help recover data in just a few clicks. If your data got lost due to deletion, formatting, corruption or any other reason that you can think of, there is just one solution to all these problems; iSkysoft Data Recovery. It can even recover data that got deleted while formatting the SD card. Now, that is a really cool feature, isn't it?

Another amazing thing is that iSkysoft Data Recovery is not format dependent. Unlike other recovery products, iSkysoft Data Recovery doesn't put a limitation on the types of the files that you can recover. With iSkysoft Data Recovery, you can recover all sorts of files; Word document, images, videos, PDFs, mp3 files, archive files and even the email messages. Yup! Even the email messages. If you really want to know how many formats iSkysoft Data Recovery can support, then the answer is: over 50 formats. What more can you ask now? 50 formats and all you need is just ONE product. Can life get any better than this? No, I don't think so. Here are some of the more amazing features of iSkysoft Data Recovery discussed in detail:

Recover Anything to Everything:

With over 50 formats to support, you would have guessed till now that iSkysoft Data Recovery can recover anything . iSkysoft Data Recovery is fully compatible with 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Use any means of storage, be it an SD card, USB flash drive, your internal as well as external hard drives, iPods and anything that you can think of and iSkysoft Data Recovery will recover data from there for you. It would even recover data that got infected by a virus. Yes! If a virus hits your Mac and you have no other option than to format your entire system, then don't worry since iSkysoft Data Recovery will recover all the lost data for you. Furthermore, it also helps in recovering data from NTFS file systems, HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT.

How to use it?

With all these amazing features, you would be thinking that it would be one difficult task to recover data using this complex product. How about I tell you that it is exactly the opposite? Yes! Recovering data using iSkysoft Data Recovery is the easiest thing on this planet. iSkysoft Data Recovery provides its users with four different Recovery Modes. These four modes can easily help the users in recovering all sorts of data.

  • Lost Data Recovery: This is the recovery mode in which you can recover all your deleted files. All the files that got deleted either from the Trash (Recycle) bin or from pressing Shift + Delete command, this mode will recover all those files with their original file names and folders.

  • Raw Data Recovery: If you want to recover ALL your files and by ALL, I mean, literally, like everything, then this is the mode you need to choose. This mode will recover all the files by "file signature" from your drive.

  • Partition Recovery: You can choose any partition and then ask iSkysoft Data Recovery to recover data of that partition. iSkysoft Data Recovery will recover files from the deleted, resized, lost or corrupted partition.

  • Resume Recovery: In this mode, you can easily save your results and recover your data sometime later.

  • Preview Files:
    Once you have selected the recovery mode, you can start the recovery process. The recovery process will just take seconds, depending on the amount of data it is recovering, and will then enlist all the files for you.

    You can easily preview all the files. You can check for all the image files to see if they are exactly what you need and if their image quality is still the same. You can also preview audio and video files. In this way, you would know whether you should waste your time on recovering these files or not. Furthermore, you can even open documents and email messages before actually recovering them. Yes! You can do that. You can open these files and go through them to see if all the data is still intact or not.
    Once you are sure that these are the files that you need, you can then select the recovery option and the iSkysoft Data Recovery will recover all the selected files for you.

    A Quick Note:

    One piece of advice for all the people who want to recover their data. Make sure you select a different drive for storing your recovered data. For example, if your lost data was in C drive, then it would be a wise approach to store the recovered data in D drive.

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