Working with Controls.

Today i want to introduce a new third party control i.e. none other than controls.what are the special features that exists in this Controls that i want to discuss in this Article.After reading this Article you will be a big favorite of these controls.

Why we go for third party controls ?

The above question churns in every programmer's mind.There are so many factors that may lead or to choose third party controls.The Factors that include

1)Better performance (By reducing the Number of hits to database with demand and load concept).

2)Look and feel (eye catching and easy for User to interact the website with your controls)

3)Avail wide variety controls makes easier to choose for our requirement.

4)Compact in Coding(less lines of code).

5)Eliminate Html type of design, Style sheets,themes if those all are provided by Control Vendor.So that we(programmers) can not bothered much on Design issues and browser compatibility issues.

Yes the above Answers will erase that question in your mind will address all these points.

What are the Main Features that exists in Controls ?:

They Come with two different Frameworks one is mvc framework and Normal WebForm controls are very easy to Use and those who are very familiar with controls it is very easy to ADAPT these controls.They are mainly Build on component framework and ext.js. has a free open source code and controls available. has wide variety of Controls available.

You can even alter design at run time.

No need to handle events and write code for that

For example when you are working with grid control you will have extensive event handling like for editing,sorting,Grouping,paging ,hierarchical grid and even filtering the grid.They all are built in functionality in programmer just need to set the attribute in Grid in your aspx page to work out this functionality i.e.(editing,sorting,Grouping,paging)

A small sample code how the Grid looks like and the grid control image you can see below.

ext:Viewport runat="server" Margins="0 0 10 0>
ext:VBoxLayoutConfig Align="Center" Pack="Center"
Data="<%#Ext.Net.Examples.KitchenSink.Restaurants.GetAllRestaurants() %>">
ext:Model runat="server>
ext:ModelField Name="name"
ext:ModelField Name="cuisine"
ext:ModelField Name="description"
ext:ModelField Name="rating" Type="Int"
ext:DataSorter Property="cuisine" Direction="DESC"
ext:DataSorter Property="name"
ColumnModel runat="server"
ext:Column runat="server" Text="Name" Flex="1" DataIndex="name"
ext:Column runat="server" Text="Cuisine" Flex="1" DataIndex="cuisine"

Similarities in grid vs grid :

Now the above code is very much similar to the grid Control.But the tags are different to grid control the first one we need to work with store tag.The name store is here act as a data-source that will store the dataset results.In this above example GetAllResturants will return a dataset and that dataset will bind to the store.Now the Model Field Columns tells us which columns we need to be visualize in the datagrid that is same as TemplateColumn in Gridview of Control.

ext:ModelField attribute Name is same as Database Column Name similar to DataBinder.Eval in Gridview.If you wish to set Datatype property you can specify that in this Tag.

Now this store can be called to your c# code page.In Design page you just add store id ="store1"

store1.Datasource =dst

Now the Sorters tags are similar to the Grid Sorting.But you do n't need to handle any extra code or events in your source code page other than these two start and end tags in the designer page.Sorting will internally handled by the data sorter tags.

Simplify your Design with Controls:

You can not make any big effort to design the controls because all the controls ,stylesheets and themes all are built in and thus provides rich look for your carefully observe the the first lines of Code i.e. the viewport tag is exactly acts like a panel in your control.And with layoutconfig tells the layout of the viewport look like(Boxlayout,FrameLayout e.t.c.).All i can say a single html tag is not needed to design Control.

The Flex attribute is used to Flex your datagrid at runtime

Now lets see the real image of the grid.

sort grid

just use the sort FUNCTIONALITY in your application without writing any code in your code page i.e.(aspx.cs).And two columns will hide or visible by just unchecking the checkbox and you need not write any extra code for this.

See the below image how it looks like

Uncheck Grid Column

If you do not want this requirement you can remove it by removing the column model tag. have got extensive controls.Even they have MessageBoxes for alerts as Just like windowsApplication Message boxes.You will have prompt controls and Progress bar controls and all the controls available in the

Different chart types available in for example (pie,bar,stacked column...e.t.c....)and with 3d animation ,different types of Editable datagrids available,Tab panels, Menus and many more controls available in

All i can say you will have a very rich User Interface in your website when you use Controls.So download the controls and start Using it.Enjoy the Awesome and rich User Interface screens in your Website.

Author's Advice:

When you are working with any third party Control you draw a comparison with Controls.So that you can easily adapt the newer Technology.


Article by srirama
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