ASP.Net Web services

In this article , I am explaining about ASP.Net Web services as well as uses of webservice and how to create webservice and how to consume webservice in

First of all we need to clear the concept of web Service. So I explaining the term web Service.

What is web Service?

Web Service is an application that's designed to move directly with alternative applications over the net. In straightforward sense, web Services area unit suggests that for interacting with objects over the net. the online service customers area unit able to invoke methodology calls on remote objects by victimisation SOAP and http over the online. webService is language freelance and Web Services communicate by victimisation customary web protocols and information formats, such as

ASP.Net Web services use SOAP and XSD (XML Schema Definition) for transporting data over the communication channel. These features have been designed keeping in mind that XML web services are platform independent, so they are not using any platform design which either the web services or its client cannot interpret. Like all the distributed architectures. Web services also serialize the data into and from SOAP massage and provide description if these massage in the form of WSDL or XSD. This makes ASP.Net Web services fully potable and interoperable with the other web services toolkits on different platform. Support interoperable is argumented by the rich set of custome attribute that allow to annotate custom data type to control the way in which the object is serialized and provides a very fine

Web Services are straightforward and simple to know. it's doable, in fact, to author an easy application that surfaces information as XML conformist to the SOAP specification. it would even be comparatively easy to make an application capable of receiving SOAP messages over http and derivation purposeful price out of it. For those of you conversant in PERL, this might merely be a matter of victimization RegEx to take apart the value out of the XML result; it's simply another string.

However, even as we have a tendency to use frameworks like ASP and ASP.NET to make web applications, we would abundant rather use a framework for building web Services. The reasoning is quite logical. We do not have to be compelled to reinvent the plumbing that is, at a high level, the potential to arrange our information as XML, transport the info victimization communications protocol, and de-serialize the XML back to meaningful information. Instead, we would like a framework that produces building web Services simple, permitting us to concentrate on the appliance logic not the plumbing. ASP.NET provides this framework for us.

From a developer's purpose of read, if you've got ever written application logic, you've got the desired skills to author ASP.NET web Services. additional significantly, if you are at all conversant in ASP or ASP.NET application services, You will be able to conjointly leverage these skills after you build ASP.NET web Services

How to Use Web service in web application?

By using this webservice we can get the user details based on username. For that first create one new web application

Open visual studio -> Select File -> New -> Web Site -> select ASP.NET Web Site
Add Web reference

After creation of new website right click on solution explorer and choose "Add web reference" that would be like this
Web Reference


There are several distinction implementations for SOAP Service however the quality is there and that we will begin to create some helpful applications on that. though ASP.NET or SOAP web services have several nice options, if you would like to consume the exposed web Services in you purchasers, please ensure you've got the most recent libraries put in as a result of standards continue evolving and every one vendors attempt their best deliver the goods the sting in such open standards war.



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