My Interview experience with Tabia Technologies.

During my 10+ years of experience in IT field(5 years in .Net), I was worked as Software engineer. Before my current job, I was working as SAP Technical Consultant at Nortech Infonet Privat Ltd,Kochi, and Got a call from KINFRA IT Park.

During my 10+ years of experience in IT field(5 years in .Net), I was worked as Software engineer.
Before my current job, I was working as SAP Technical Consultant at Nortech Infonet Privat Ltd,Kochi, and Got a call from KINFRA IT Park.
It was from Solarsynergies, a brand of Tabia technologies and they need a Team Leader for the company. "Are you looking for job change? Able to relocate?" "Yes, with pleasure" It was my answer. I remember It was on first week of March 2012.
Though I am working as SAP Technical Consultant and changed in position as Team Lead,
They need to know about my technical knowledge, leading capacity, want to know about the experience that qualifies me to lead, my leadership style, my accomplishments, and my expectations for the future.
My selection was in several rounds.

1. Phone call(Technical)
2. Technical ability(Coding)
3.Project estimation
4.Meet with HR

1. Phone call(Technical)

The day I got call from Tabia, for team lead, even though I tried to be cool I am going nervous unknowingly.. Call was from The Technical head, from America . But It was very nice experience, that I never attend such an Interview. He greeted me very calmly, and introduced himself first.
And told me it is a technical interview and will take half an hour.
He asked me to introduce myself.I started, Introduced and described all carrier life, experience I gone through.

Then described the duties and responsibilities of current job.
Then ask to describe the project currently doing. He asked the project deeply and he understood my design capabilities, database knowledge, coding styles through his questions & my answeres. He is talking very slowly and slowly, So that I can able to relax. Because of that reason only I can able to describe project very easily.
After describing the project he started to ask Technology questions

What's a Interface ?
What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces?
What is a delegate ?
What is sealed class?
Tell me about life cycle of Asp.Net
What is session?
What is view state?
What is stored procedure in SQL Server?
What are the difference between clustered and a non-clustered index?
What's the difference between a primary key and a unique key?
What are the joins in SQL?
Explain the phases of software project.
What is Estimation? Explain about techniques

Then he gave two table structures and gave the output and asked me to write the query with join.
I easily answered most of the question with satisfaction.
Call was ended.

2. Technical ability(Coding)

After two days I received a mail from him saying that I had done pretty well in telephonic interview. And he sends small project details. I send back the project done with coding, backup of DB. It was done in ASP.Net framework 4, 3 tier architecture. He examined the coding style of mine and satisfied.

3.Project estimation

After that a mail from the company saying that, I have to give estimation for a project.
Project details send by mail, I need to do

1. Total man hour required to complete the project
2. Recommended technology
3. You recommendation

I did reply

The mentioned project is a long-term project. This is tracking of the vehicle location and speed, with SMS querying system. As this is a long term project we need strong resources and a good planner. Even its requirement analysis, SRS preparation and Documentation will take some time. For preparing the documentation, we need a good business analyst and also need a very good system study. If the foundation is good, everything is good.

So, for our project we need some resources for hardware side ie, good knowledge in hardware + software and have knowledge in using these product and for registration process also. For this project they are using some external hardware ie, for reading the speed and tracking the vehicle location, that we are unaware. If we get a chance to study the working of one of the running system then it is very nice.
For developing the software we are in need of strong resources ie,about 3 years experience s/w Developers, And one tester also.

I my opinion

As it is a long-term project(actually it is a product)

1)A business analyst for strong system study SRS & Documentation preparation
2)Strong resources ie,S/W Developers 4 numbers(min.3 years exp.)
3)Strong knowledge in hardware+software for installing the hardware,registration purpose and
For integration and implementation.(4 numbers)
4)One Tester

Recommended Technology

I recommend using ASP.Net for front end SQL Server for back-end and we need integration package for integrating. Parallel we need one tester from client side also. If all the resources are strong and process is executing without errors and the team is good then
We can finish the project in minimum 8-10 months. Depending the resources we can reduce the duration. Total man hour approximately was 3000 hrs.

4.Meet with HR

After one week , got Offer letter meeting with HR held on March last week. He talked about the IT Park, Office time, rules etc. Hence got appointment order as Team Lead joined on April 16th 2012.

Really I am happy.


Author: naveensanagasetti29 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hi Ranipriya,

Thanks for sharing your interview experience with us.

Author: Prasad kulkarni18 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Congrats and Thanks Ranipriya it is really a good experience to reading it. Your experience will really acts like a torch for other who want to face interview.

Author: ketan Italiya18 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Ranipriya,

First of all 1 would like to Congratulations for it
and thank you so much for share your Interview experience with Tabia Technologies.

Ketan Italiya

Author: Ranipriya19 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Thank you very much @naveensanagasetti,Prasad kulkarni and ketan Italiya . I am so happy to know that it really will help others for interview.

Thank you again for DNS team to give the wonderful opportunity.

Author: venkat07 Jan 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Hi Ranipriya,

Thank you so much for sharing your Interview experience with Tabia Technologies.


Author: arul R22 Jan 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Hi Rani
It is good experience yar,thanks for sharing

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