Interview questions asked for Six+ years experience in SRA system Limited, Chennai

Technical interview questions asked for Six years experience in SRA system Limited, Chennai. It will be useful for candidates who are preparing for the interview. Though most of us know these concepts but get messed-up and unable to explain in interviews as required. This article covers these topics with Code-Snippets that others can refer to understand the topics.

Interview questions asked for Six years+ experience in SRA system Limited, Chennai on April 27th 2013. I had provided answers for some question.

1, Explain about your profile in short?
I had explained about my profile and experience.

2, Did you used user controls.
Yes, I used user controls. I can modify the original control behaviour according to the requirment. You can then treat the user control as a unit and define properties and methods for it.

3, What is javascript?
Javascript is used for client side validation and interact with user. It is better performance then passing into server.

4, Rate yourself out of 10 in C#,ASP.NET,SQL SERVER,javascript,jquery in which 10 is highest?
I told 6 for all the technologies. But they asked what about remaining 4 I told that these technologies are evolving as you know often new version are released so I need to update the latest version.

5, How you will handle exception in sql? Wheather you will save the exception in log files or any other ways which you give exceptions details to team member for anlaysing?
As I told my role is team lead in project handling they asked this question how you give the exceptions details to your team member. I told through log files we used to catch the error exceptions.

6, What design patterns you are using? Like three-tier architecture or MVC?
I told that I used three tier architecture.

7, Explain about the three tier architecture?
Three tier architecture contains three layer – presentation layer, Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer.

8, which framework are using in your project?
I told that I am using .Net framework 4.0 and visual studio 2010.

9, Did you have knowledge in jquery.
jQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications.

10, For project handling did you used any software or any other software to handle the project?
I told that i have inhouse software in which we will update the status of the project.

11, How to close the sqldatareader?

12, If i forgot to close the sqlconnection. what error it will show to the user?
max pool size reached error will display.

13, Did you used webservices or WCF.
I told I used werbservice in my project.

14, Did you have direct client interaction for getting the requirment or updation in requirement.
Yes, i have direct client interaction to get the requirement and updation from the client.

15, What is partial class?
Partial class is a split of single class. Very large classes difficult to navigate in a editor for a single file. Allowing mutiple developers to work on a single class at the same time. Allowing separation between class interface and the implementation-related definitions.

16, Diffence between DataReaderand Dataset

DataReader is connected architecture and dataset is disconnected architecture.
DataReader is better performance and dataset is lower performace.
DataReader able to fetch record in single direcion(forward only) whereas dataset able to fetch in bi-direction.
Using DataReader records are readonly whereas dataset records can able to add, update and delete.

17, what is Managed code?
The code that targets CLR is known as Managed code.

18, What is common Language Runtime(CLR)?
Common Language Runtime is used to run the application and compile the code into intermediate language. It provides exception handling, enhanced security, versioning and deployment support, a simplified model for component interaction, and debugging and profiling services.

19, How many web.config file an application can contain?
For each application only one web.config file will be present.

20, What are types of Authentication?
Three type of Authentication. They are Windows, Forms, Passport authentication.

21, What is Windows Authentication?
Windows Authentication method uses Windows accounts for validating users' credentials. This type of authentication is very good for intranet Web sites where we know our users.
22, Difference between List and Arrays?

Array is a collection of homogeneous elements. List is a collection of heterogeneous.
Array memory allocation is static and continous whereas list memory collection is dynamic random.
Array size has to be specified while creating whereas list size can not be determine at dynamic.
User need not keep track of next memory allocation for arrays. User has to keep track of location where next memory is allocated.

23, What is view state?
View State is client side state management mechanism. It can store the page value at the time of post back (Sending and Receiving information from Server) of your page. ASP.NET pages provide the ViewState property as a built-in structure for automatically storing values between multiple requests for the same page.

24. What is session?
Session object is used to store and retrieve information about particular user session. It is used to persist information throughout the user session.

25, Difference between Response.Redirect and server.transfer.
Response.Redirect() will redirect to a new page, update the address bar and add it to the Browser History. On your browser you can click back.
Server.Transfer() does not change the address bar, you cannot hit back.

26, What is server.exceute()
When Server.Execute is used, a URL is passed to it as a parameter, and the control moves to this new page. Execution of code happens on the new page. Once code execution gets over, the control returns to the initial page, just after where it was called. However, in the case of Server.Transfer, it works very much the same, the difference being the execution stops at the new page itself.

27, What is Normalization?
It is used for effective organizing and binding of data is called normalization. Two goal of normalization. Eliminate redundant data and ensure relational data.

28, Difference between query and stored procedure?
In stored procedure you don't have to recompile your C# app whenever you want to change some SQL and better performance. You end up reusing SQL code. Using query, it will take more time to execute than stored procedure.

29, What is boxing and unboxing
Boxing is the process of converting a value type to the reference type object whereas unboxing is converting reference type to a value type.

30, What are types of Access Specifiers?
Private, public, protected and internal

31, What are the types of polymorphism?
There are two types of polymorphism.
1, Compile time polymorphism.
2, Run time polymorphism.

32, What is generics?
Generics is used to design classes and methods. It is used to maximize code, reuse, type safety and performance. It is used to create collection of classes.

33, left outer join in Sql server?
Left outer join is used to retrieve all the data from first table and unmatched table of the second table.
34, How you will bind the data using SqlDataReader?
Creating an object for the sqldatareader then calling object with read method through which we can bind the data.

35,what are objects in
36,what is your achievement in your company?
I told I received best performer award from my managing director and everyone respect me in my office.

37,what is ADO.NET?
ADO.NET is used to access data and data services based on dataset or datareader. It is commonly used by programmers to access and modify data stored in relational database systems.

38,How you will handle your project? Are you using software to work simultaneous with your team members?

39,what is caching in
Caching is used to store data temporarily where data will be static. so that it will reduce the overhead of the application and boost the performance of the application.

40,what is difference between session and caching?
Cache will always be in memory even if you use a separate Session State Server or SQL Server, and thus retain its performance advantages.


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