In This article, I will explain how to create RSS Feed using RSS Feed Creation Tool from website It helps to generate RSS XML file output using FeedForAll RSS Feed Creation Wizard.


I will explain Step by step procedure to create RSS feed using FeedForAll software. FeedForAll software provides Feed Creation Wizard which helps to generate RSS feed.

First Step: Download the software

Download the software ffasetup.exe from the website click download ffasetup.exe will start download. This software is evalution version and vality of 30 days and beyond to use that you have to buy license.

Second Step:Install the software

Install the software ffasetup.exe. It will start feedforall v2.0 Installation wizard. You have to check End User License Agreement. Finally it will show FeedforAll v2.0 has been succesfully installed.

Below image shows feedforall v2.0 installation wizard.

FeedForAll v2.0 Installation Wizard

Third Step: Feed creation Wizard.

After installation, it will ask for Feed creation Wizard will display. By clicking yes button, it will start Feed creation wizard which shows step by step procedure to create RSS feed. The first step is to select the type of feed you want to create. Followed by provide Feed Title

Below image shows FeedForAll Feed creation wizard
Feed Creation Wizard

a, Feed Type:
Feedforall creation wizard is used to create different type of feeds.
They are
i, Standard RSS Feed
ii, Standard Podcast
iii, iTunes Podcast

Below image shows different type of feeds.

Different Types of feed

b, Feed Title
Every feed should have a title. If a webpage that contains same information as this RSS feed , the title of this feed should be the same as the title of that webpage.

Below image shows feed title in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

feed title for the Rss

c, Feed Description
Feed should have Description. The description should be short summary that will describe the contents of this RSS feed.

Below image shows feed description in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

feed description

d,Feed Link
Each feed should have link. The link field should contain the URL (webpage) that corresponds to this RSS feed. That webpage typically has additional information that is related to this feed.

Below image shows Feed Link in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

feed link

e,Item Introduction

Every Rss feed should have at least one item. Each item in a feed represents a piece of information like a news article, an announcement or an information update. Each item is typically the synopsis or summary of a full story.

Below image shows Item Introduction in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

Item introduction in FeedForAll Creation Wizard

f,Item Title
Item title is similar to the headline of a newspaper article. The title is typically what subscribers to your feed will read to decide if they want to continue reading more.

Below image shows Item Title in FeedForAll Feed creation wizard

Item title in FeedforAll creation wizard

f,Item Description

Item description contains the actual text for the item. The description may contain something like a news article or announcement.

Below image shows Item Description in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

Item Description in FeedForAll creation wizard

g,Item Link

The item's link must be an URL which points to a webpage that contains the full version of the information this item represents.

Below image shows Item link in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

Item Link in FeedForAll Creation Wizard

Finally click the finish button to end the FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard.

Below image shows Finish button in FeedForAll Feed Creation Wizard

Finish button in FeedForAll Creation Wizard

After finish button click it will ask for new feed has been created. Do you want to save it now.Click save button in order to save the RSS feed.

Below image shows confirm messagebox to save RSS Feed

confirm in order to save RSS Feed

Save RSS file in your desired location.

Save RSS File in your desired location

I had attached sample RSS file for your reference.


  • Sample RSS File (44367-92316-sample.xml)
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